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Korean series ‘Blood Free’ to premiere on Disney+ in April

by RepublicAsia

When everyone is a suspect, who can you trust?

STREAMING media platform Disney+ takes its audience to another level of excitement as the new Korean series Blood Free is set to premiere on the platform on April 10. 

Photo courtesy: Disney+

The conspiratorial drama follows the story of Woo Chaewoon (Ju Jihoon), a former elite soldier who sets out on a quest for justice following a terrorist attack that killed his colleagues. 

The investigation leads him to BF’s doorstep, a controversial lab-grown meat company. Joining forces with its mysterious CEO, Yun Jayu, Chaewoon finds himself thrown into a high-stakes game of survival. As he digs deeper, he unravels a darker and sinister truth more than he could have imagined. 

The series is led by Ju Jihoon, renowned for his performance in ‘Kingdom,’ portraying the determined soldier Woo Chaewoon, and Han Hyojoo, known for her roles in ‘Moving,’ taking the role of the enigmatic CEO Yun Jayu. 

The new drama is written by Lee Suyeon and directed by Park Chulwan. 

‘Blood Free’ will be the latest addition to the platform’s must-watch Korean original series for 2024, along with other upcoming Korean series, such as ‘Unmasked,’ ‘The Tyrant,’ and ‘Gangnam B-side.’ 

Disney+ subscribers can also watch popular Korean dramas, including ‘Moving,’ ‘The Worst of Evil,’ and the award-winning ‘Big Bet.’ 

With reports from Mariallie Jane Mazon and Sharmine Lolong



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