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K-pop girl group Unis drops ‘Superwoman’ teaser ahead of debut

by RepublicAsia

K-POP girl group Unis (a.k.a. U&I Story) has started dropping new videos to drum up interest as their debut on March 27 inches closer. The latest of these videos is a teaser for their debut song “Superwoman,” which was released last night.

Unis will debut three Filipina members Gehlee, Elisia and Hyeonju, who will be joined by Nana, Yoona, Kotoko, Yunha and Seowon. 

Photo Courtesy: @UNIS_offcl | X

The eight-member girl group are set to debut with their first mini album “We Unis,” which features five songs, including the title track “Superwoman.” Other songs included will be “Butterfly’s Dream,” “Whatchu Need,” “Dopamine” and “Dream of Girls.” 

The “Superwoman” teaser shows the members lined up in the cutest pink setting as they look out the window to see cute floating items such as a paw print. 

Then the scene changes to solo shots which highlight the beauty of each member. Most shots show the members in the same pink aesthetic as they give cool stares to the viewers. Other members like Gehlee and Seowon were in this crystal-like setting in black suits holding futuristic laser guns. 

Then the scene shifts again to the girls dancing, which seems to be captured with a fish-eye lens. 

The teaser ends with a shot of the group in all-black outfits and in the same crystal setting, before cutting to a cute pink ground with the song title “Superwoman” flashing on the screen. 

The teaser also features snippets of the song, which seems to be cute and refreshing and matches well with the upcoming music video and the cute aesthetic of the members and the album. 

Photo Courtesy: @UNIS_offcl | X

The Unis’ official social media accounts on X and Instagram have as well been dropping cute concept photos with the same aesthetic as the teaser, as well as a title track. Their official YouTube also has trailer videos showing a darker, more dystopian setting for the group.

The Unis will also be promoting their debut on different music shows and events, such as their showcase which will be held at the YES24 Live Hall. 

While waiting, fans have been watching and keeping up to date with the girls through social media, where they also share their reactions. They are excited to hear more from them while also hoping for the group’s future successes, like winning song of the year. They are also in awe of the stunning visuals and beauty of the members.

With reports from Brigitta Feliza R. Aquino


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