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I’M NOT A GIRL NOT YET A WOMAN: Gen Z Females Redefining Puberty

by RepublicAsia

PUBERTY may sound awkward for some, especially for young females. This transformative phase is a pivotal stage in a woman’s life as it shapes their identity, perception of self, and interactions with the world around her.

In an era defined by technology and shifting cultural norms, the experience of Puberty for Gen Z females has its own challenges and opportunities that differ from older generations. With all these changes, are Gen Z females redefining Puberty?

Are Gen Z Females Ready For It?

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According to Professor Isolde Valera, Ph.d, a communicator and researcher from De La Salle University Dasmariñas, “Puberty is one of the stages in our life in which we need to focus on ourselves, where self-love, respect, and self-awareness are important.’’ It is a difficult stage, where the thin line goes, understanding who you are,’’ said Prof. Valera. 

She added, “I remember a theory, reflexivity theory (social theory). It says that before you communicate with other people, you need to communicate within yourself.” 

‘’I also have kids from Millennials to Gen Z and I know them well. The challenge I think that Gen Z females face right now is how can they be accepted in their circles, In their society— because what important to them is actually acceptance.’’  

Prof. Valera further explained that the technology today has helped Gen Z Females but not enough as it has its own negative and positive impact. 

‘’During our time, when we talk about the age of Puberty, we can cook, clean and do our own task, that is one of the things that matters to us—  with this generation (Gen Z) the initiative is there but independence primarily, somehow they are afraid of the responsibility that comes to it,’’ said Prof. Valera. She continued, “The independence is there but they still need to be guided despite the informations found online, and how they seek information independently.’’

Gen Z Females are more vocal about overcoming Puberty, but it is still something that needs to be guided.

Puberty Hits Different Now!

Undergoing Puberty has a unique impact on every female out there. 

Females from different generations have different experiences and stories to tell. 

The 19- year-old, Augustine Castilla, revealed some of the differences between her and her mother’s experience dealing with Puberty. 

“I think one of the things that have changed talaga is how I think Female Gen Z are more vocal about this stage sa buhay nila. How we are not afraid to share our story, but we’re also very sensitive about it.” 

Castilla recounts her experience and her mother’s stories about overcoming Puberty, “I remember how my mom used to tell me na dati sa panahon niya mahirap mag dalaga kasi she feels like she’s different and it is uncomfortable for her.’’ She continued, ‘’ I also had a moment like this, and I am happy I have my mom and the information I get online and with my friends.” Castilla said that during her mother’s time, it was hard for them to talk about this stage with their peers as they felt they lacked the resources and openness to discuss it. 

Pero in fairness, during her generation, I can tell that at a young age they have already practiced their house responsibility kagaya ng pag lalaba at luto, compared to me and my younger sister” 

Castilla then added, “Compared to our generation and Gen X, my mom’s generation. I think we had more of an urge for independence but at the same time we are afraid of it, control, and open communication on the internet. While my mom’s generation— I can say they may not have that much source of information, but they are more responsible and easy on themselves.”

She also said that one notable change between Gen Z and the older generation lies in ‘Body’ acceptance. 

“My mother encouraged me to have a positive body image and self-acceptance, which she struggles to do with her generation.’’

Castilla further explained that both Gen Z and older generations have grappled with societal pressure due to beauty standards set by the public eye. The difference is that Gen Z were able to utilize this issue to battle for a safer space for young women and spread awareness in a wide range, using different platforms, most especially social media. 

“My mom said she did, alam niyo na rituals when she first got her period as an act of something to remember transforming from childhood to womanhood— akin as a Gen Z it is not just about womanhood but also a first step in creating a sisterhood and finding who I am.”

The Little Advice For Big Girls

The 19-year-old, Augustine Castilla believes that Puberty is the first door to the journey for a woman in finding herself. According to her, In this generation clouded by different comments from the Public, it is essential to overcome this stage and find your true self while sharing it with the world and inspiring others. 

These generational differences have shaped females’ perspectives on overcoming this stage, but from one generation to another, as society evolves, the goal remains the same— empower young women.

With reports from Naomi Ferwelo


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