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Heartstopper Season 3 to premiere in October

by Gaby Agbulos

IF YOU’VE missed the electrifying chemistry between Charlie and Nick on Netflix’s “Heartstopper,” don’t worry! Netflix has finally announced that the third installment of the series will be coming out this October.

On March 21, Netflix posted a video announcing the third season of the show, with the cast discussing what’s going to happen to their characters next season as well as what to expect from the show overall.

“The positive reaction from Season 2 has really boosted all of our confidence,” says actress Yasmin Finney, who plays Elle Argent on the show.

“I really can’t wait for you guys to see.”

Kit Connor, who plays Nick, adds: “The tension is high – it’s like sexual tension, love, it’s all there.”

While the first two seasons of “Heartstopper” are somewhat light, series creator and writer Alex Oseman explains that the tone of the show will start to mature as the characters grow older.

Some themes to be explored in the next season are mental health, sex, and ambitions of going to university.

“Nick, Charlie, and the ‘Heartstopper’ teens are getting older, learning more about themselves and each other, and experiencing new desires, new fears, and new joys as they approach adulthood,” she explained.

A short recap

Season 2 ended with a cliffhanger, with Charlie about to send a message to Nick saying “I love you” for the first time since they started dating.

Charlie also confronts his former bully, Ben, after the latter tells him that he will be leaving their school for good. Uncharacteristically, Charlie stands up for himself, not accepting Ben’s apology. He tells Ben that while he hopes that he becomes a better person, he’s not going to be there to see it happen.

Other characters also take big steps in their lives; Elle and Tao, for example, start dating. 

Tara and Darcy, after dating for quite some time, finally say “I love you” to one another, with Tara learning more about Darcy’s homophobic mother. 

Isaac also discovers that he’s asexual and perfectly fine with reading his books as all of his friends start entering relationships.

Season 2 also explored a number of heavier themes, such as discussing how Charlie felt when he was getting bullied due to people finding out he was gay, as well as the eating disorder he’d developed as a result of this. 

“Heartstopper” fans should also expect new characters like Michael Holden, to be played by Darragh Hand, and, of course, a lot more heartwarming scenes from your favorite couples.



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