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Go for local chocolates this Valentine’s

by Ron Poblete

SINCE time immemorial, chocolates have always been a staple on Valentine’s day. Even though it’s known as a marketing ploy by confectionery companies in the 19th century to sell more products, the sweet gesture will always be part of traditional courtship. 

We thought of giving you a list of local brands that you might find a welcome respite from the imported brands you are accustomed to in case you have decided to appeal to her sweet tooth on Valentine’s day. Added to this is the noble intention of giving business to our local companies this season. 

Theo & Philo Artisan Chocolates 

Theo is short for Theobroma Cacao while Philo is the Greek word for To Love. 

Philo Chua founded the company in 2010. It specializes in handcrafted chocolates made from high-quality cocoa beans from Davao and sugar from Bacolod, with a range of unique flavors inspired by Filipino cuisine.

Price: P149 per 45g bar at Lazada


Ginto Artisan Chocolates 

This Bohol based chocolate brand was started by Dalareich Polot in 2017. This is a bean to bar brand that offers artisanal chocolate made from sustainably sourced cocoa, with a focus on local ingredients and traditional Filipino flavors.

Price: P165 per 45g bar at their website


Auro Chocolate 

Kelly Go and Mark Ocampo bonded over food and culture 10 years ago in Chicago before they came back home to start Auro Chocolate in the country. Au is the chemical symbol for Gold while Oro is the spanish word for the precious metal. This brand is dedicated to creating high-quality, sustainably sourced chocolate products, using only the finest cocoa beans grown in Davao, Philippines.

Price: P145 per bar at Lazada


Malagos Chocolate 

The world famous Malagos Chocolate was founded by Robert and Charita Puentispina of Davao. Malagos has received international recognition for its chocolate, receiving seven major international awards in 2017. 

At the 2015 World Drinking Chocolate Competition by the International Chocolate Awards in Hannover, Germany, the chocolate maker was given a silver award for its Malagos Dark Chocolate. 

The company offers a range of premium chocolate products made from single-origin, sustainably grown cocoa beans from the Davao region.

Price: P220-250 per 85g bar at their website


Cacao de Davao 

The company is based in the Cacao capital of the Philippines, Davao. They offer a range of chocolate products, including bars, truffles, and drinking chocolate, made from sustainably grown cocoa beans sourced from the cacao rich region. 

Price: P210-P225 per 100g bar at Shopee


Risa Chocolate 

The brand was almost mired by a potential legal squabble over the name with an international company that wanted to use the name. Good thing owner Pamela Lim Cinco thought ahead and got a trademark for the name years before. This brand offers a range of artisanal chocolates made from high-quality, sustainably sourced cocoa, with a focus on showcasing the unique flavors and aromas of the Philippines’ diverse cacao varieties.

Price: P130 per 45g bar at One World Deli


Coco Dolce 

The Freefood Co was founded by three yoga practitioners who are guided by their karmic practice and a strong desire to help others as described by the goodstore.ph. This brand offers “guilt free” artisanal chocolates made from high-quality, locally sourced cocoa, and coconut sugar which is a healthier alternative.

Price: P135 per 45g bar at Lazada




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