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Gen-Z’s partaking in part-time jobs  

by Deanna Macaranas

MAJORITY of Filipino Gen-Z’s are participating in part-time jobs 

According to a study by market research firm Agile Data Solutions Inc., it was conducted that 83 percent of Gen Z respondents ranging from the age 18 to 25 had secured part-time work.

The top most in-demand job amongst the part-timers are: 

  • In the call center industry
  • Virtual assistant roles
  • Service crew positions
  • Information technology roles
  • Sales position

Meanwhile, it is said that the respondents also prefer working from home due to the growing trend for remote work setups. 

But what exactly drives youngsters to participate in a part-time job? Was it something that they chose for themselves or is it something that they decided out of meeting one’s necessities? 

RepublicAsia had reached out to two gen-z’s on which they shared their journey as part-timers while balancing their academics and workloads. 

Maria Michaela

Maria—a 21-year-old Broadcasting student from Lyceum of the Philippines considered partaking in a part-time job to practice independence. “It’s something that I decided on myself because I wanna become independent and I don’t wanna rely on my parents’ money. And I thought that I’m in an age where it was about time I start acting on my own. And, uhm, you know, being responsible I think. I think, what’s the best responsibility out there would be… holding money. I guess, so yeah.” 

According to her, just a month ago she passed her resume to a service food chain for a service crew position. Upon submitting her resume and getting interviewed, she was later asked whether she is sure about it. 

Deep inside Maria knows that this is something that she wants to do as she sees it as a challenge and for her, having to work physically is something that is more realistic for her. “It’s a different experience. I’m really up for the challenge because I really wanna try working. I feel that’s more realistic to me — working physically, serving people.” 

By having to work in a physical field requires the employee to be present at the site and in the case of Maria–she had found a job that is favorable to her schedule. 


For 22-year-old Glycel Galpo, she decided to partake in a part-time job to help out her mother in 

the way she could. “The reason why I started doing or applying for a part-time job kasi I am raised by a single mom. So, I’m supported just by my mother. And then, during the pandemic, she got retrenched.” 

Glycel is currently a graduating communication arts at Colegio de San Juan de Letran and while balancing her studies, she is working two jobs—one being an ESL teacher and the other being a courtside reporter for NCAA season 99 at GMA.  

Glycel has been teaching ESL for two years while as for being a courtside reporter, she’s already been doing it for 5 months. 

“Yung courtside reporting, usually, I do game coverages one to two times a week. And then, on the weekends, d’on ko na ginagawa ‘yung ESL job ko.” She said.   

Academics and workload pressures  

Being a working-student, it is no secret that having to balance academics and workload is something that most part-timers find challenging, and for Glycel having to manage her time, strain, and the mental pressure is something she faces. 

Kasi, hindi maiiwasan na magkasabay sabay ‘yung deadlines and then having jobs at the same time. Especially, no’ng nagstart ako mag-courtside reporting kasi I have to study for the games, and then I also have thesis and other stuff.” She said. “So, what I try to do is I prioritize kung ano ‘yung pinaka importanteng dapat ko’ng gawin—unahin, and then, I do that first, and then I go from there.’ 

In order not to feel the feel burnout, one must find a way to destress them and for Glycel—the way she destress is through taking a step back. 

“To destress or to prevent myself from getting burned out or overwhelmed, I try to take a step back if I can—like get a breather, simple, like eating out with my friends, gano’n. And just not trying to think about it as much, tapos just getting things done as soon as I can.”   

For Maria, planning is very essential in terms of having to balance her academics and workload so before having to start on her job, Maria had already planned her schedule.  

Why are Gen-Z partaking in part-time jobs 

As being in a position of someone whose actually happens to be part of the said Generation as well, both Maria and Glycel had an idea on why more and more Gen-Z’s are taking part on having a part-time job. 

For Glycel, she stated that the pandemic had played a big factor in this–where during the event, a lockdown had caused unemployment among a lot of people. Another reason that she provided was because the generation is aware of what is happening on what is happening on the economy. 

“Surviving and living on a minimum wage is not so realistic and ideal. So, parang tayo, we have this fear na, in the future you know, we might not make enough earnings. So, I guess, that is one of the main reasons why people are now having or doing multiple jobs or part-time jobs kasi we have the awareness of what’s happening, especially like, economically sa situation.” She said. 

It is no secret that having to make and have your own money is something that drives the Gen-Z to work. 

While it is present in datas that most Gen-Z’s are balancing their academic and workload at the same time–there will always be a situation on where a person would choose to work instead once they started receiving the money. 

During the interview, Maria shared a story of a guy he met back in 2015. As stated by Maria the guy started studying back in 2015 but later stopped when he decided to work. When Maria asked him on why he didn’t finish his course, he gave her the answer ‘wala lang’ as a response. 

“Since nakatikman na siya ng pera, he went down with it. Then I pondered, siguro ‘yan ‘yung pinaka-main idea why the GenZs today want to work, especially at these hard times. Hard times pa rin? Na ano, they think it’s more practical to have money, instead of like, working hard to get a degree and actual start working a decent job.” She said. 

‘Di ko naman sinasabi na hindi siya decent, marangal naman yung ibang service crew or other. I’m not belittling them. I just thought that it’s more, it’s much better if you kinda stick with your words and finish your degree and become a professional.” She added. 

Message to the Gen-Z 

As the interview gets concluded, both Glycel and Maria have a message for Gen-Z’s who are considering and are already partaking in part-time jobs. 

Maria gave out a message to Gen-Z’s by first saying to finished their studies first as this is a way for one to become a professional. 

“For the Gen Zs out there, if you guys want to work, you have to finish your studies, please. I think it’s better that way. If you wanna be a teacher, go do it. If you wanna work wherever on the side, do it. I mean. It’s tough. 

Yeah. I mean, if you want to be dependent, you can do it. If you want to be independent, then you have to stick with your words. Panindigan niyo na you have to finish your course, you have to become a professional. At the same time, you have to rely on yourself.” 

Meanwhile, Glycel gave out encouragement to her fellow Gen-Z’s to keep on going achieving your goals. 

“I know that it is very hard to balance working and studying hard at the same time, and I know that it might not be what you want to do or it might not be the ideal for you. Kasi, of course, realistically, sino ba namang gustong magtrabaho at mag-aral at the same time? 

Of course, if we have the chance or the privilege to just focus on studying—because studying alone is I think stressful enough. On top of that, if you’re working, that’s like added stress to you. So, just keep going, it sounds very cliche, but just keep going. 

I know that if you’re working right now, you’re doing it for a purpose. You have a goal? Focus on that. ‘Because ‘yun ‘yung magiging motivation mo eh, ‘yun ‘yung magiging drive mo to continue doing what you’re doing.” 

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