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Five rewatchable episodes of ‘Going Seventeen’

by RepublicAsia

SEVENTEEN is one of K-pop’s top-charting boy groups that have released their own hit after hit creations. Its 13 members—S.Coups, Jeonghan, Joshua, Jun, Hoshi, Wonwoo, Woozi, The 8, Mingyu, DK, Seungkwan, Vernon and Dino—have been working tirelessly since their debut in 2015. Not only are they great artists with the most energetic and gut-wrenching songs but they are also some of the wittiest people.

They show this side in their variety show called “Going Seventeen.” It started in June 2017 as a behind-the-scenes vlog for the members but it eventually evolved into the laugh-inducing chaotic show it is today.

Today, “Going Seventeen” or “GoSe” for short is a half-hour show featuring the members in unique and trendy situations that give Carats a boost of energy to go on. Recently, the show has gained a following of its own with fans who have just watched the show “Cubics.”

The show is on hiatus as the members are busy with their new music, upcoming encore concert and solo promotions but on March 13, the members uploaded a series of episodes. These were short five-minute special episodes that discuss what the members are doing and show the wacky antics the boys are up to. It was a nice way for the members to bring back Carats’ and Cubics’ free therapy but also excited us for what is to come. 

There are no announcements yet for the 2024 season of the show nor is there even an opening sequence yet. While waiting, fans can look back with these five rewatchable episodes of last year’s run:

EPISODE 70-71: Don’t Lie (THE CHASER)

One rewatchable episode is Don’t Lie, The Chaser. This concept is a staple for Seventeen as well as other K-pop groups which is the mafia episode. In this concept, the members play the game mafia but Seventeen introduces a new element that makes every game fresh. 

Due to the popularity of this episode, the producers decided to make 2023’s mafia a full series with three different games played across six episodes. The first was a surprise game which the members thought was a going to be a completely different episode. The second was a mystery-inspired game where the members had to solve a crime. 

The last episode was where members carried around bags of cash which they got at the start of each round. Then they would have to run to the next location with the bags while people catch them by order of the mafias. Once caught, they are eliminated from the game and lose all their money. 

This episode was rewatchable due to its familiar concept but with fresh, new additions. As usual, the members making deals and forming alliances with one another is another bonus. But the most rewatchable part comes in the end when the mafias reveal themselves. It was such a funny episode that the scene even made its way to X where fans commented how funny and chaotic the concept had gotten. 

EPISODE 74-75: Finding KSY

“Finding KSY” or Finding Kwon Soonyoung aka Hoshi is a simple but heartwarming episode where the members try to find Hoshi. Due to Hoshi’s amazing ability to hide, as shown in episodes such as “Mousebusters” and “Catch Stock” where he was able to hide from his members without being seen, the producers decided to center an episode where the members must find him. 

In the episode, the members were split into teams to find him. Each group decides to go to a place that holds some meaning to them since they knew Hoshi would do the same.

Throughout the episode, we see them go to locations from their past such as their old company building and Han River. Throughout that time, Hoshi was also sending them clues of where he could be, which was Cheonggsyesan, the mountain they went to on New Year’s Day of 2015 (the year they debuted). 

This episode makes for a fun and sentimental rewatch, reminding us where our favorite artists-turned-comedians have come from while also showing us how far they have come. 

EPISODE 77-78: Everything Possible In The White Room

This episode was a last-minute decision. It was supposed to feature the members outside but due to unforeseen rain, the team had to move inside. The staff quickly worked on a different concept which was simple enough to stand on its own but also allowed the members to still shine and entertain us. The episode consisted of members playing different games which they could play in the white room. Some games they played were “foot volleyball” and “finding the member in the group chat.” 

This is another fun episode to rewatch because it shows the members playing many games that show their dynamics with one another, such as in the foot volley segment, and how well they know each other through the “finding the member in the group chat” segment. Each game was made funnier and more entertaining because of their funny fake outs and their loud reactions. 

EPISODE 89-90: The Guest Who Left Secretly

Another standalone episode with an interesting concept which features the members in different rooms as they try to leave the place and go home. The catch? Well, they must leave without the other members knowing. If they successfully leave the place, they must drive around for five minutes and wait for the members to call them. If no one calls, they can go home but if they are called, they must go back to the studio and try again. 

The concept was more interesting than meets the eye due to the members trying to escape but getting caught in the act. Every time they caught each other, it was always in funny ways, such as Vernon keeping his door open and Mingyu calling people out since he can see them through the camera he set up. Most times, it was when two or more members tried to escape and they all opened the doors at the same time. They would usually add funny quips before going back inside and trying again just to get caught. 

It was also a fun concept to rewatch due the dynamic of the members and the thrilling experience viewers have as they watch the members successfully escape. 

EPISODE 85-88: Boomily Outing

Boomily Outing sees Seungkwan take charge as his concept of Boo Seungkwan’s entertainment shows of bygone times return. This time though, we are treated to missions left by Jun and The 8 who had to go to China for other promotions. The four episodes feature different activities that the members must do as part of the missions left by the two members. Each task allows the members to show off their funny side. 

One task that is memorable for fans happens in the third episode (episode 87), when the members play the dagger game where they throw an imaginary dagger at each other and have the most exaggerated reactions to make the others laugh. If they laugh, the staff sprays them with water.

This episode was a fun watch because of each member’s exaggerated reactions as they tried to make each other laugh. Even members who were not known for their exaggerated reactions really stepped up and made the episode more rewatchable. In addition, some parts have made their way to X where fans can rewatch their favorite parts over and over, and see other fans’ reactions. 

“Going Seventeen” is a fun show that Carats and Cubics tune in to every week, with each episode more creative and unique. Though it is still on hiatus, there are many fun episodes to look back to while we wait for its 2024 return. What we shared were just five of the 39 memorable episodes last year.

With reports from Brigitta Feliza R. Aquino


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