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Filipinos show support for Marina Summers after RPDR loss

by Gaby Agbulos

WEEK after week on “RuPaul’s Drag Race: UK vs. the World,” Filipina Marina Summers has dominated the competition. She quickly made her way to the top and became a fan favorite among local and international fans. 

Sadly, the drag queen’s journey has come to an end. After battling against Hannah Conda in a lip sync challenge, Hannah was deemed the winner, meaning Marina placed third overall for the season.

For her parting words, Marina said to RuPaul: “Thank you so much for inviting this little Filipina on your big show. I am forever grateful and my lines are open for another call. But honestly, I know I made every Filipino across the globe proud, and thank you for giving me this opportunity. I’ll always and forever be your Filipino winner.”

Marina, of course, couldn’t leave without an iconic moment; before walking off the runway, she said to RuPaul: “Ru, do the Marina!”

The host of the show quickly obliged, doing his best Marina stare. 

Following the finale, Marina posted to her social media accounts, referencing Taylor Swift’s song “Exile,” saying, “I think I’ve seen this film before…”

She explained that while she and her fans may have not liked her ending on the show, she still had a lovely time regardless, and was honored to be part of it.

She further wrote: “Philippines, Asia, World, thank you so much for giving this little Filipina a BIG chance to win your hearts. This was such a magical run for me and I couldn’t be any more prouder! I will always and forever be, your Filipina Winnah.”  

A flurry of Filipinos were quick to show support for the queen despite not winning, particularly her sisters in drag, and many of her other close friends.

Drag queens show support

Eva Le Queen, Marina’s co-contestant on the first season of RuPaul’s Drag Race Philippines (RPDR PH,) was quick to show her love for the latter.

On X, she replied to Marina, saying: “You are THE BEST FILIPINO QUEEN the world has ever known. With or without the crown you have won much much more. And once again, this is just the beginning of the rest of your life! I love you and we are all mighty proud of you.”

She also tweeted: “My Queen and forever Filipina Winnah,” tagging Marina at the end. 

Following this, she posted a screenshot of her in a video call with Marina and fellow drag queen Prince, saying: “2 hours before it aired and a screenshot of us pretending we don’t know sh*t. HAHAHA! I remember the day we picked Marina at the airport right after filming — she had the widest, happiest smile on her face and an indescribable pride knowing very well how her run was. Then she goes, “may surprise ako,” and showed us her Ru Badges. And she proudly and excitedly shared her experience. It had been a phenomenal and stellar run and she knows it.”

She continued on by writing: “I hope that everyone who also believe in her share this beautiful moment with her without dragging her sisters whom she genuinely love so much. I wish to remember UKVsTW2 through the dream runways and performances we all vicariously lived through her. I wish I took a photo of her that day. Nakakagoosebumps isipin na may kaibigan akong ganon kagaling. She came, she conquered. And we all know this ain’t the end.”

Many of her other co-contestants also showed her love; Corazon replied to Marina’s tweet with a simple “Mahal kita che…”

Lady Morgana jokingly wrote, “Laba muna ako ghurl kasi natalo si @marinaxsummers, tapos mag-luto na rin.”

Prince, who went to visit Marina in New York, showed frustration toward the results by tweeting: “La Grande & Marina should’ve been Top 2. Ano ba yuuuuuun????”

Jiggly Caliente, one of the hosts on RuPaul’s Drag Race, commented on Marina’s post on Instagram, saying, “All I will say here. Proud.” 

Many other drag queens, such as those who were on the second season of RPDR PH, were also quick to reassure Marina that she was the real winner in their hearts. 

Miss Jade So, one of the fan favorites of the second season, posted photos with Marina on Instagram and X with the caption: “Marina, the sister that I look up to like a Drag Mother. Very proudiana of you ever since we met! I know this is the hundredth letter I wrote to you but I will never get tired of saying I’m proud of you and I love you. This success that you’re experiencing now is what we saw every time we daydream and manifest. You deserve THEE WORLD. MABUHAY KA SUPERNOVA NG BUHAY KO.”

She also commented on Marina’s Instagram post, saying “MABUHAY KA MARINA,” and replied to her on X with: “I LOVE YOU SISTER! You made not just the Philippines, but the WHOLE WORLD proud!”

Other contestants on the show, like Matilduh, also showed their support. Matilduh replied to Marina’s tweet thanking the drag queen and telling her she loved her.

She also tweeted that she can’t imagine what else is in store for the drag queen.

She wrote: “You dominated the whole world!! Baka mamaya lumipad ka na sa moon huhuhu. Ilysm Marina!!! Always been proud of you.”

OV Cunt also tweeted her love for Marina, saying about her loss, “T*ngina ang sakit pa din?! Kailangan ko ng cuddle ngayon na pls.”

Another contestant, Tiny Deluxe, called out the fact that Marina didn’t get that much screen time during her lip sync battle with Hannah Conda.

“There’s a peak on that song where they just showed Hannah doing nothing and I know for sure Marina did something and they just edited that out,” she speculated.

“Oh well.”

She quickly followed the tweet up by tagging Marina in another tweet, saying: “I’m not f*cking mad, I’M F*CKING PROUD! HUSAAAYYY MO NAK!!!”

Contestants from Drag Den Philippines also joined in on the discussion. Lady Gagita, a contestant on the show, commented: “This just proves that Marina was a threat to everyone. Kinatatakutan siya tih.” 

She also posted a photo with Marina, saying, “You’re already a superstar sis! The Philippines is super proud of you. At least, nautusan mo si RuPaul. HAHAHA.”

Lady Gagita’s co-contestant, Pura Luka Vega, also replied to a thread of tweets about Marina by saying: “Panalo na siya sa puso mo, sa puso ko, at sa puso mg bawa’t Pilipino.”

Even drag queens from other countries questioned the show’s decision to send Marina home. Nearah Nuff, a contestant from the fourth season of RuPaul’s Drag Race Canada, stated that she needed to see the unedited version of the Marina Hannah lipsync. 

Aurora Matrix, Nearah Nuff’s co-contestant on the show, also shared similar sentiments, saying: “I’m sorry but how are you gonna cut to judges’ reactions during the CLIMAX of the song?!?!?! Graham’s eyes clearly move up and down and then cut to @marinaxsummers getting back up.”

She followed the tweet up by saying that this was not to throw any hate toward Hannah Conda; she simply felt how the battle was edited was slightly shady.

On Instagram, the host of Drag Race France, Nicky Doll, wrote: “You win at life by a mile!,” on Marina’s post.

Her fellow contestant on Rupaul’s Drag Race UK, Keta Minaj, also reiterated that the queen was a superstar.

Photos from the Miss Jade So, Prince, and Eva Le Queen

Love from celebs and influencers

Many celebrities and influencers were also quick to show their support for Marina on social media. 

Content creator Rei Germar told Marina that she loved her in the comments, saying she was her true Filipina winner. 

Pipay and Esnyrr, known for their comedic sketches on TikTok, also showed love for Marina in her comment section on Instagram.

On Instagram, actress and singer Nadine Lustre left a comment on Marina’s post that read: “It’s SUMMER TIME! Super proud of you mima!”

Actress Agot Isidro also thanked Marina for fighting courageously, while Lea Salonga wrote: “Panalo ka pa rin sa puso ko!!!!!! Manifesting All-Stars!!!!!!!!!”

Host Bianca Gonzales Intal also wrote that Marina was incredible, as well as a true queen, and that for her, she was the runaway winner.

Michelle Dee, who was a part of Miss Universe 2023, wrote “Thank you (for raising our flag so damn high, sorry not sorry but…) next! Time to SLAY THE GALAXY!”

Pia Wurtzbach, who was crowned Miss Universe back in 2015, also commented saying: Our Filipina winner!! You represented us so well. THANK YOU MARINA! Mabuhay ka!!”



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