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Filipino band flu teams up with Thai artist Numcha in ‘I’ll Be Mine’ 

by Joshua Gerona

FILIPINO funk band flu has finally returned to the music scene after three years with the release of their new single, ‘I’ll Be Mine,’ featuring the Thai pop indie darling Numcha

Photo courtesy: KARPOS

The track tackles the hopeless feeling of being in a one-sided relationship. 

“The lyrics muse about the drudging effort of reaching out to your partner and looking for shared interests to rekindle a withering bond,” the band shared. 

However, the band refused the track to be a break-up song. The new single shifts the perspective in its conclusion, focusing on self-worth by leaving a taxing relationship. 

Photo courtesy: KARPOS

‘I’ll Be Mine’ is relatively distinct from the band’s previous releases due to its ‘more mature sound’ style. 

According to the band, the track was first recorded in 2019 when they were experimenting with their sound. The release of ‘I’ll Be Mine’ marks the band’s first step in taking their soulful music to the next level. 

Collaborating with Numcha

Thai singer-songwriter and indie pop darling Numcha has been one of the many artists that flu wants to collaborate with due to her dreamy mix of light R&B and soft pop. 

Photo courtesy: KARPOS

So when the band met her in Taiwan for the first time, they wasted no time shooting their shot. This marks the first-ever international collaboration for the band since their debut in 2019. 

Namcha led the main vocals throughout the song to capture the feminine perspective of the track. Flu did most of the instrumentals, matching Namcha’s juicy voice with silky jouncing beats. 

According to the band, Namcha’s voice is a perfect fit for the song. “If it feels right, it’s right,” the band said. 

Photo courtesy: KARPOS

Flu is a four-piece band, composed of Deus Vergel de Dios (vocalist), Dieter Bautista (bassist), John Rae Rebano (guitarist), and Randall Enriquez (drummer). 

I’ll Be Mine is out now on all music streaming platforms. 



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