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Donnalyn, the patron saint of toxic positivity

by Joyce Remo

Recently updated on February 8, 2023 02:48 pm

IT seems like Donnalyn Bartolome’s toxic positivity cannot be stopped. 

After invalidating the working class’ struggles in going back to work after the holiday break, the content creator has another controversial entry to kick off the month of February.

“Maganda talaga pag binuntis.” This is what Bartolome wrote in a now-deleted Facebook post, along with a screenshot of a conversation she had with a follower in one of her posts.

Bartolome made the statement after one of her fans said she felt insecure upon seeing the YouTuber’s beauty, as she wasn’t confident about her body after bearing a child.

“Grabe [sobrang] nakaka-insecure po talaga, lalo ‘pag tumitingin na ‘ko sa salamin after birth,” the comment read.

In response, Bartolome wrote yet another troublesome statement regarding pregnancy, saying her supporter is more beautiful than her because she was impregnated.

“Mommy, isipin mo na lang binuntis ka,” Bartolome wrote. “Sobrang ganda mo siguro. Ako walang bumubuntis.”

Although it seemed that Bartolome only intended to lift up her follower’s spirits, the online community was not pleased with how she composed her reply.

republicasia reached out to Bartolome to ask for her comment regarding this matter but the publication has yet to receive a response from the singer-content creator.

Netizens incensed 

Bartolome’s response to her follower enraged many netizens on social media. 

Many regarded her statement as insensitive, while a Twitter user also called out the social media influencer for problematic outlook on pregnancy that could have an adversarial effect on her followers, who are mostly teenagers.

Meanwhile, sociologist Ash Presto also said Bartolme’s reply was anti-feminist as it devalues women of their worth, and equates this to being impregnated by a man.  

“Sa pagkakasabi ni Donnalyn, parang utang pa ng babae sa lalaki na binubuntis siya kasi nalalaman niyang maganda siya,” Presto wrote in a tweet. “Parang sinabing galing sa lalaki kung anuman ang maganda sa babae.”

Why is it problematic?

Body dysmorphia is a serious mental health issue. According to the National Health Service (NHS) United Kingdom, this disorder is characterized by a person’s relentless worrying about their flaws and appearance. 

After pregnancy, it is common for women to be preoccupied about their body shape or size due to the massive change they experienced while carrying their child for nine months. 

Body dysmorphic disorder (BDD) could lead to anxiety and low self-esteem, and it could also result in worse aftermaths including depression, self-harm, and suicidal thoughts.

Adding fuel to the fire 

This is why it is really alarming to see Bartolome spreading toxic positivity in the hope of making her followers feel better about themselves. In reality, she’s just adding more fuel to the already raging fire of self-doubt and insecurity that weighs down her fan.

Giving her the benefit of the doubt, Bartolome may not have meant harm in her statement addressing her fan’s insecurity towards her. She might be trying to redeem herself from her previous toxic comment by attempting to send good vibes to her fans in the form of a compliment.

However, Bartolome should understand that the end doesn’t justify the mean. Although she meant well, her word choice is dangerous, especially to young girls who are following her on social media. 

To imply that being pregnant equates to beauty minimizes and disrespects every battle a mother has to go through to bear and nurture her child. It also endangers youngsters into adapting the backward thinking that their worth only lies in their fertility, that the only way to be deemed beautiful is to bear a child.

Yes, there is beauty in motherhood but it doesn’t stop right there.

More importantly, pregnancy is not a declaration of beauty and beauty is not a manifesto of worth. 

Banner courtesy: Donnalyn Bartolome’s Facebook



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