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Denise Julia speaks up regarding royalty issues

by Deanna Macaranas

FILIPINO R&B singer Denise Julia addressed rumors about allegedly not paying the producers of her song “NVMD.”  

As rumors continue to circulate in the media of her allegedly not paying up, many netizens have resorted to hate speech—in which she received several sexual harassments and endured numerous name-calling.  

Denise Julia later reached out to one X user regarding the issue and she explained how her legal team was already resolving the matter. 

The artist had also replied to a post on X, explaining the talk regarding negotiation that’s happening between her and her producers. 

As Denise Julia’s address became clear regarding her song’s royalty issues, her fanbase the ‘Bilatz’ immediately came to X to defend their artist. 

Denise Julia is a Filipina who is currently rising in the music industry. 

She first rose to fame in 2022 on social media with her song entitled “NVMD.” She later released her debut album entitled, “Sweet Nothings (Chapter 1)” with its lead song entitled ‘Lacking.” 

Her fame as a singer isn’t only prominent locally as the artist is already gaining recognition internationally thanks to her song “B.A.D.” 



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