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Bandai Namco reveals ‘Tekken 8’ release date, promises stunning visuals 

by Joyce Remo

GET ready for the next battle, warriors!

Japanese multinational game publisher Bandai Namco announced that the widely anticipated eighth installment of the legendary fighting franchise Tekken will finally be available to the public next year.

Starting January 26, 2024, fans and game enthusiasts will be able to enjoy Tekken 8, game producer Katsuhiro Harada said during the Gamescom 2023 panel on Tuesday.

Bandai Namco promised that the upcoming Tekken entry would provide fans and gamers the “most visually stunning game” in the series.

Courtesy: Bandai Namco

“The title also promises a new approach to playing fighting games, with a new aggressive combat system that rewards offense-first tactics and delivers spectacular fights,” it wrote in a press statement on its website on Wednesday.

In Tekken 8, fans will be able enjoy the game through a single player mode called “Arcade Quest” and an arcade mode, where they can customize their avatars by utilizing character color palettes and accessory size options.

Bandai Namco also said there would be 32 “unique” fighters included in the new Tekken game.

Meanwhile, the six new additions to the final roster of playable characters are Kuma, Leo, Shaheen, Steve, Dragunov, and Yoshimitsu.

The game will be released exclusively on PlayStation®5, Xbox Series X|S, and PC via Steam®. 

Players can choose from four versions, which include standard (the base game), deluxe version, the ultimate edition, and the collector’s edition. The latter has a Premium Collectors’ Edition exclusive to its own online store, where players can purchase a figurine of Jin Kazama and other pre-order content.

On the other hand, the deluxe and ultimate editions will provide players with costumes and avatars, along with the Year 1 pass. This would give them access to four new characters as they release sometime after the game’s launch.

Pre-orders are available via Tekken’s official website.



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