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Anton Del Castillo’s ‘Desires’ explores concept of overcoming sin 

by Joshua Gerona

Multi-awarded and critically acclaimed Filipino visual artist Anton del Castillo returns to the art world with a solo exhibition Desires

Photo courtesy: Anton Del Castillo

Del Castillo’s latest exhibition showcases a set of golden canvases that critique human propensity to material greed. 

It displays the idiom of sin broken down to reveal its valences: hostile, destructive, self-afflicted, yet capable of release. 

Although sin is the entry point in each of his pieces, hope remains key in an optimistic dualism that constitutes Del Castillo’s intentions. 

Photo courtesy: Anton Del Castillo
Photo courtesy: Anton Del Castillo

In this solo exhibition with Arte Bettina, he executes the same operation—wickedness is taken apart to yearn for release—but this time with desire as the apparatus of his schemes.

Del Castillo renders desire in its various typologies. They assume as many configurations as desire can take shape: desires of the flesh, of material excess, of dominion, of acclaim.

However, Del Castillo has never allowed sin to take its hold despite being its entry point to his artworks.

Photo courtesy: Anton Del Castillo

In his body of work for Desires, the artist eventually subverts his initial proposition to reckon a move faithful to our power to resist.

Del Castillo recognizes that desires are inevitable, but whatever may emerge after them is a fate left to our hands.

It is a scheme that culminates in the discernment that while desire is natural, sin is rightly not. 

Thus, in pauses, in hesitations, in pangs of remorse, there resides Del Castillo’s faith hopeful of our capacity to emerge triumphant—with virtue and dignity—from sin.

Photo courtesy: Anton Del Castillo

Desires is open to the public today until October 1 at ArtistSpace, Greenbelt Park, Makati City. There will also be an artist reception on September 20, 6PM. 



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