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A world-class mural to pay homage to the Tagbanua tribe of Palawan

by Deanna Macaranas

CORON 108 Hotels along with artist A.G. Saño and team pays tribute to the Tagbanua tribe of Palawan through a world-class art mural. 

The wall was painted by artist A.G. Saño along with his team.

The 80 foot mural art was diligently painted day to night on the wall of Coron 108 Hotels. 

The Tagbanwa constitutes the predominant ethnic group of Palawan, residing in its northern and center regions. They are located in Puerto Princesa, Aborlan, and Coron.

The tribe is known for its complicated Pagdiwata rituals, which are performed to commemorate a variety of events, such as weddings and bountiful harvests.

A.G. Saño later took up Instagram to post his art, thanking Coron 108 Hotels for the opportunity to unleash his art as he pays homage to the Tagbanua tribe. 

“Thank you for the opportunity to pay homage to our Tagbanua brothers and sisters through this #mural. Mabuhay Tagbanua! Mabuhay ang Coron!” Saño wrote.  

The art mural later captured the eyes of many people, leading them to leave positive comments under Saño’s Instagram post.  

Courtesy: Instagram.com / @whaleboy2000



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