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‘Youth Beat’ DLSU invites you to the 2024 Lasallian Scholarum Awards

by Deanna Macaranas

DE LA SALLE UNIVERSITY (DLSU) is set to launch its 19th Lasallian Scholarum Awards (LSA), recognizing the outstanding media coverage of the youth and education sectors. 

The Lasallian Scholarum Awards is known as a yearly media recognition program where it awards both professional and student journalists for their outstanding youth and education narratives. 

Along with its focusing theme, “Youth Beat,” the event is set to happen on March 20 at The Venture, 4th floor, Henry Sy, Sr. Hall from 11:00 am to 1:30 pm. 

According to the university, “The merit-based awards program tapped an independent media-monitoring agency to scour youth and education stories from major print, broadcast, and online news organizations in the country.”

With its highlighted youth voice sayings, “This is who we are. This is our pulse. This is our beat,” the 19th LSA is to honor both professionals and student journalists whose works have greatly impacted the country’s youth and educational sectors. 

For the LSA awarding, four categories are set for the country’s journalists. Aside from honoring the country’s journalists, the LSA also had its category dedicated to campus journalists. 

The winners of the awarding are to receive a one-of-a-kind Toym De Leon Imao sculpture. 

Together with the Student Media Office, the LSA is also set to feature the recipients of the Outstanding Media Personality, voted by DLSU campus journalists.  

In a press release last February 19, De La Salle University unveiled the finalists for the upcoming 2024 Lasallian Scholarum Awards and one of the people who notched finalists are RepublicAsia’s very own Gaby Agbulos and Jericho Zafra.    

For the category of ‘Outstanding online feature article on youth and education,’ an article written by Jericho Zafra entitled “Is AI the future of education? UP profs start debate” reached the list of the finalists. 

Meanwhile, two articles written by Gaby Agbulos entitled “Bakit kami mahirap?’: Fresh grad Leo Jaminola reflects on struggles as working student” and “The working student’s plight: the choice between acads and assets” were also placed in the same category. 

Aside from the category for ‘Outstanding online feature article on youth and education,’ the program will also recognized the category of ‘Outstanding video feature story on youth and education,’ and ‘Outstanding feature story on De La Salle University.’ 

Meanwhile, another category entitled ‘Outstanding published feature article on youth and education in a school organ,’ is dedicated to campus journalism on where different it features different official student publications from different universities.  

As for the finalists, there are 10 articles listed under the categories of ‘Outstanding published feature article on youth and education in a school organ’ and ‘ ‘Outstanding online feature article on youth and education.’ six articles under the category of ‘Outstanding published feature article on youth and education in a nationally circulated publication,’ and eight videos under the category of ‘Outstanding video feature story on youth and education.’ 

Meanwhile, 10 stories reached the finalists of ‘Outstanding Feature Story on De La Salle University.’ 

The entries were shortlisted by a pool of award-winning faculty and field experts from DLSU.



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