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Christmas ads that give will give you the feels

by Athena Yap

CHRISTMAS is a big deal to Filipinos, and it is a season that is full of emotion.

The things and values that we hold dear have been reflected in TV advertisements that show the different situations that we experience during the holidays.

Let’s take a look back at some of the biggest Christmas TV commercials in the country, and get a glimpse of some recent releases to see how we’ve celebrated the season through the years.

Kiddos, Tender Juicy hotdog

They say Christmas is for children. This ad from 1991 shows the cheerful kids appreciating the gifts and the decor of the festive season.

The very cute singing voices of children as background music adds to the Christmast-y vibe.

Night People, Mcdo

This 45 second ad is a tribute to the people who still work during Christmas even though most people are already at home with their loved ones. 

There was no dialogue in the ad, but the message of the video was heard loud and clear. 

SMP, Nestea

Shout out to all the singles out there!

This was where the “SMP” or “Samahan ng Malamig ang Pasko” started to become a part of the millennials’ vocabulary. Since this ad was released in 2010, most singles probably feared belonging to “SMP” again the following Christmas.

So, are you still one of them?

Regalo ni Lolo, Jollibee

Who misses their Lolo? Lucky are those who still have them this holiday.

Grandparents play a really important role in most people’s lives. Lolos or lolas would always do their best to spoil their apos. Surely, grandchildren could relate to this ad which shows a grandfather looking for the best gift for his granddaughter but can’t afford what’s in the mall. So instead, he got his apo a Jollibee stuffed toy and made her very happy. 

Coca Cola’s Aldub

This was a hit with the Aldub nation, and even the non-Aldub fans got LSS (Last Song Syndrome) when it was first aired in December 2015. 

This was aired during the peak of Alden Richards’ and Maine Mendoza’s love team that got so many people kilig.

Ibahin ang tingin sa mantsa, Breeze


There are no indications of Christmas in the first few scenes of the video, but before it ends, it gives a heart warming lesson, especially to moms. It shows that children are naturally playful but are often willing to be a helping hand, particularly in helping put up decorations for the festive season.

This TV commercial was released in November 2016 and it really struck moms whose usual reaction when their children get dirty is to get mad. 

The Last Customer, Coca-Cola

This ad pays tribute to the people who still work even during holidays. This shows the experience of workers who continue to serve others even if it means sacrificing time they could have spent with their loved ones.

This TV ad was released in December 2016 and left many viewers in tears.

Meaningful Connections, Globe Telecom

There’s no better way of celebrating Christmas than being with your loved ones. For those whose parents are far from them, this ad is probably something good to see.

It’s a short story about a father who was finally able to return home after usually communicating with his family via video call. In the ad, his young daughter felt differently when she saw him in the flesh and was aloof at first. They eventually reconnected because of their love for each other. 

Unexpected Relationships, Globe Telecom

The story of this ad hits different, especially when you’re a pawrent or a dog lover.

It’s natural for most people to feel pity when they see poor dogs seemingly looking for a home in which to stay. In this ad, an old man brought a dog back to his house to feed him and take care of him. But it turns out that the dog has an owner. He returned the dog to its rightful owner and celebrated Christmas with new friends he met because of the dog.

Ikea’s Hapag

This ad, so far, has been one of the trending Christmas ads of this year.

This commercial has made the rounds online for representing the feelings of most members of the LGBTQIA community. It features the Golden Gays of Manila, the pioneers of the drag community. It just wowed the audience!



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