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Why GMA’s ‘Maria Clara At Ibarra’ is a Hit

by Izel Abanilla

MANILA – “Maria Clara At Ibarra” has been clearly making waves since its premiere on October 3. The series follows the story of a Gen Z kid “Klay” played by actress Barbie Forteza who will transmigrate into the world of Jose Rizal’s “Noli Me Tangere.” 

The main cast includes Kapuso stars Dennis Trillo as Juan Crisostomo Ibarra y Magsalin and Julie Anne San Jose as Maria Clara de los Santos y Alba. 

Evidently, GMA indeed has hit gold mine with its blueprint for the series because its historical portal fantasy concept is practically a refreshing break from the usual superhero storylines. 

Since its airing, the show has managed to maintain strong television ratings. In fact, its first weeks already made Twitter burst with thousands of tweets and trending hashtags. 

This is because the series did not only deliver organic entertainment but also, it showed a realistic illustration of Philippine culture and society during the Hispanic times which notably appealed to the hearts of the Filipino viewing public. 

Moreover, every aspect of the production categorically invested specific disciplines into recreating the past. The production staff involved a costume consultant and a Spanish language expert to guide the team to a more factual illustration of the times. 

Not to mention the individual cast members receiving good reviews for their portrayals. Kapuso actress Andrea Torres gets an applause from the netizens for her powerful acting as Sisa especially the part where she finally loses control of her sanity over losing her kids Crispin and Basilio. 

Barbie also rakes in good reviews for her acting not only for her comedic scenes but equally, for her heavy drama scenes as well. 

Over and above the entertainment aspect of the series, its depiction of the societal pains of its era, which in many ways still resonate today, is also a hit formula. Many also believe that “Maria Clara At Ibarra’s” success could entice millennials and Gen Zs to reignite their love and knowledge of history. 

Photo credit: Maria Clara at Ibarra Facebook page



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