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Who owns this P4M ‘PNP’ luxury vehicle?

by Leila Salaverria

IS the Philippine National Police using a P4 million Toyota Alphard as an official vehicle?

A netizen spotted the white Alphard that bore the PNP logo on its side and the world “Pulisya” on its hood and wondered why the government has spent so much on this.

The expensive vehicle was spotted at the Ayala Center in Makati City.

Not ours

But the National Capital Region Police Office denied that it has such a vehicle in its fleet. 

“Considering the presumption that the place is in Ayala Center, Makati City, we confirm that we have no issued police vehicle with car type and model such as this in NCRPO,” the NCRPO said in a statement. 

It also said that if the Alphard is not a legitimate police vehicle, then its use of the PNP logo or seal is illegal.

It pointed out Executive Order 297 prohibits the unauthorized manufacture, sale, distribution, and use of the PNP’s uniforms, insignias, and other accoutrements.

An Alphard is a seven-seater van that has leather-clad captain seats with ottoman, generous space, touch screen entertainment and 16-hue ceiling illumination. The basic model is worth at least P4 million per unit.

Nothing fancy 

In December 2018, then President Rodrigo Duterte issued Administrative Order No. 14 reiterating the prohibition that bars government agencies from acquiring and/or using luxury vehicles for their operations. 

The NCRPO said it has alerted its units on the ground to verify the identity and legitimacy of the vehicle. 

“We will not let anyone to disobey the law for personal and temporal intentions once proven to have transgressed it,” it said.

It asked the public to report any sightings of and encounter with the vehicle to the police. 

Netizens outraged

The photo of the luxury vehicle with police markings surfaced in a Reddit thread that generated more than 200 comments.

One Redditor wondered about the justification for buying an Alphard for the police and commented, “masarap talaga gumastos pag hindi mo pinaghirapan yung pera na pinambili.” 

Another suggested that the PNP just buy the less expensive Innova or Hi-Ace.

Others also pitched better uses for P4 million.

They said the police could have bought a decent armored vehicle, a patrol cruiser, or a weapons system.

The money could also have been spent on better training for police enforcers, one Redditor said.  

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