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Which Christmas song best illustrated your happiest Christmas?

by Athena Yap

EVERYBODY is now preparing for Christmas parties. Part of the planning is choosing the best music to bring out the best out of the family gathering.

Have you decided which song to perform at the most-awaited Christmas party? Well, we’d love to help in making that happen. 

We’ve listed the classic Filipino holiday songs for you to add on your playlist.

Christmas in our Hearts

Basically, this Jose Marie Chan song is always included in the list of every Filipino when celebrating the holiday. Once it plays, you know that Christmas is just a song away. From 1990 ‘till the present, it is truly in our hearts.

A Perfect Christmas

Another iconic holiday song from Jose Marie Chan is always played at this time of the year. No wonder he is known as the “Father of the Philippine Christmas Music”. Its relaxing sound symbolizes a peaceful celebration, which is why Filipinos love to put it on repeat.

Sa Araw ng Pasko

Christmas is all about sharing good memories with your loved ones. But it would be better if they are around. This song makes its listener feel as if there is no distance between you and your family from afar. 


You’ve probably heard this song before in malls. It was in 1983 when composer Ryan Cayabyab came up with “Kumukutikutitap” for a Christmas musical titled “Bituin”. It has lived in memories and until now, it gives a sense of excitement whenever it is being played. 

Mano po Ninong, Mano po Ninang

When knocking at your ninongs and ninangs’ house, this is a good song to give them a hint for a gift you are longing for. Perhaps if one of them is watching you perform this song, you might just receive the gift  you’ve been waiting for.

Sa may Bahay ang Aming Bati


It’s like going back to the pre-pandemic years where you are having dinner with your family while a group of people outside your house are caroling. This song is often used to serenade people when Christmas is near. 

Tuloy na Tuloy pa rin ang Pasko

It is usually heard on radios when Christmas is waving hi. Filipinos love this song because when you listen carefully to its lyrics, it relates to how resilient we are. That no matter what happens, happiness and positivity will always prevail.

Christmas Bonus

This song hits differently, energizing when you play it at a company Christmas party. 

Gag aside, it gives an upbeat vibe that gives everyone in the room the drive to dance. It is usually played during a company holiday party.

Pasko sa Pinas

Proud Pinoy!

They say, there’s nothing quite like celebrating Christmas in the Philippines. From fun parties and delicious food to unique traditions and family reunions, the beauty and joy of the Pinoy Christmas is truly incomparable. This is what the song is all about.

Star ng Pasko

Who else is the star of the celebration? None other than God. This song gives the true meaning of Christmas which says that the Lord is the highlight of the event. With its upbeat and meaningful lyrics, everyone would sing-along to it.



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