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What to expect during Panagbenga Festival  

by Deanna Macaranas

WE all know that the Panagbenga festival is an event that most people from Baguio (and tourists) anticipate. But what should we expect to see upon visiting the City of Pines during this event? 

Also known as the Flower Festival in Baguio City, this annual event celebrates the blossoming of flowers in the region. During the festival, activities such as street dancing and float parade are something that most people look forward to. Panagbenga festival is something that happens yearly—with its duration starting from February 1 until March 5.   

Aside from the expected floral parade and street dancing, there is a list of events and activities you can expect for this year’s Panagbenga festival. 

In a Facebook post made by Panagbenga: The Baguio Flower Festival, they released an official calendar of the upcoming festival activities. The theme for this year’s festival is ‘Celebrating Traditions, Embracing Innovation.’

Courtesy: facebook.com / @Panagbenga: The Baguio Flower Festival  

From February 1 to the last day of the festival, attendees can partake in “Panagbengascapes: A Garden Exhibit” and “Baguio Blooms: A Market Encounter.”

Exhibitors, artisans, and business owners also showcase their distinctive goods, crafts, cuisine, and flora at the Baguio Blooms. The Panagbengascapes competition and exhibit offers breathtaking landscaping creations from experts in the field.

Tourists can also participate in the following events such as the Fluvial Parade at Burnham Lake and the Kite Flying Challenge to be held on February 1, and the Cultural Dance Competition held on February 18. 

On March 3, grand aerial fireworks will be displayed to conclude the festival. 

The word “Panagbenga” came from the word ‘Blossoming.’ The festival first started as a community event in 1995 to recover from the 1990s killer earthquake that caused the city’s destruction. 



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