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Weekend chillout with these 5 sit-com series 

by RepublicAsia

THINKING of activities to do over the weekend but laying in a bed and staying home still wins? Well, maybe watching situational comedy series would help you enjoy your rest day. 

Here are some of the sit-com series you’ll surely love and could take your rest day into fun days.


Canceled plans with your friends because of seasonal changes of weather from hot to rainy, or vice versa? Worry no more because the all-time favorite sitcom F.R.I.E.N.D.S got your back! With the classic ‘bro best friends’ tandem between Joey and Chandler, the high maintenance trait of Monica, a sweet-natured personality of world’s best guitarist and singer Phoebe, and the on-and-off relationship of Rachel and Ross. 

Courtesy: Instagram.com / @friends

Watching F.R.I.E.N.D.S might not be the same as before due to the passing away of Matthew Perry last 2023 who portrays the sarcastic character of Chandler Bing. But, it could be the best way to remember him and catch up with the casts’ classic jokes and iconic characters to a ten-season series that ran from 1994 to 2004. Just sit back and grab a cup of coffee and enjoy the cafe ambiance of this series. 

How I Met Your Mother (HIMYM)

Hey! Have you met… your limit from the ideas what to watch next or other choices? Here goes the How I Met Your Mother, another classic sitcom series that tells the story of a roller coaster relationship of Ted Mosby until he finally meets the mother of his future children. Twist of fate will catch your attention span for all of the women that Ted has been through, yet he’ll just end up with the one that he has met in the beginning. 

Courtesy: Instagram.com / @himym.fcs

This series will give you the friend-and-family bond of long-time friendship of Ted and Marshall, alongside Lily Aldrins, the love of the life of Marshall. And the amicable tandem of Robin and Barney. Listing HIMYM as one of the recommended series to watch couldn’t even be more legend… wait for it… dary! Legendary!

The Good Place 

Nothing feels like a good place when you watch this series because aside from its comedic characters of Michael, Eleanor, Janet, Jason, Tahani, is the iconic philosophical life lessons of Chidi Anagonye that made you reflect about life using Immanuel Kant’s philosophy. I mean… “Turns out, life isn’t a puzzle that can just be solved one time, You wake up everyday and you solve it again.” (Chidi, The Good Place).

Courtesy: Instagram.com / @nbcthegoodplace

Watching this series not just helps you to be a good person, but it also improves your interpersonal, empathy, and compassion with the people around you. 

Modern Family 

Have you had enough family issues going around your household? Why not dive into another point-of-view of other family issues by watching Modern Family? It tells the story of a typical family relationship in a modern world–different races, nuclear, blended, and same-sex. The mockumentary style of this sitcom will surely hook how likely to make Modern Family to be one of your favorites, particularly when it clicks upon your humor. 

Courtesy: Instagram.com / @modernfamily

Pepito Manaloto

Still not finding it fun to watch international sitcom series? Why not spend time watching the GMA 7’s Pepito Manaloto that will definitely click your Filipino humor by the character of Pepito Manaloto who won the lottery, and uses his money to build a company and start-up a wonderful family. The series also follows the love story of Elsa and Pepito that later had kids, Chito and Clarissa. 

Courtesy: Instagram.com / @pepitomanalotofficial

The decade-long series is still on air during Saturday nights on GMA channel, and why not enjoy the humor of Patrick and watch it while eating his favorite ‘hotdog sandwich.’ 

Workloads throughout weekdays can drain you, making you just want to stay inside the house and never wanting to hang out, also due to shifting weather. So, at least just enjoy your weekend to laugh-out-loud watching sitcom series you’ll surely love.

With reports from Alexandra Uy



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