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WATCH: Trailer out for Attack on Titan’s final season part 2

by Joyce Remo

Mark your calendars, Attack on Titan fans!

The second half of part 3 of Attack on Titan’s final season will air in autumn 2023. No specific date was given. 

The first half aired on March 4, 2023 over Japan’s state broadcaster NHK. 

Fans of the popular anime, also known as Shingeki no Kyojin in Japan, won’t have to wait for next year to know what happens next. 

AOT supremacy  

Attack on Titan is one of the most popular animé shows, and the episodes of its final season are hotly anticipated by fans.  

Many viewers were thrilled, excited, and heartbroken after the first half of Part 3 aired earlier this month.

The first half dealt with the effects of the “The Rumbling,” which the main character Eren Yeager started in order to wipe out the people who persecuted and maltreated the Eldian race.

Eren’s former teammates are ready to do their best to thwart his plan, and many viewers are eager to see what would happen next. 


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What’s AOT all about? 

AOT is a dark fantasy anime, which is set in a post-apocalyptic world.

In the show,  the remaining humans live behind walls to protect themselves from Titans, which are giant humanoid figures. 

Eren, the main character, later embarks on a journey or revenge against the Titans when they attack his city and kill his mother. 

He joins a group of soldiers called the Survey Corps whose mission is to fight the Titans whale trying to uncover their origin. 

Critical acclaim 

Attack on Titan has won numerous awards, including Best Drama and Best Main Character during the recent Crunchyroll Animé Awards.

It also won Animé of the Year in the same awards in 2022. 

It was recognized as the Most In-Demand TV Series in the World and the Most In-Demand Animé Series of 2021 during The Global TV Demand Awards in 2021. 

Watch the trailer here:

With reports from Rhuf Jhoi Ventura



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