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Vlogger Crisha Uy says republicasia launch eye-opening 

by Athena Yap

MANILA, Philippines — VLOGGER Crisha Uy said she was impressed by republicasia’s bold vision and innovative reporting, which exposed important issues relevant to the young generation.

Uy was one of the guests at republicasia’s grand launch and private viewing for politicians, diplomats, and influencers on Saturday.  

During the launch, republicasia gave a teaser on its first exclusive story, an expose on social media pornography from “alter” accounts and the connection of social media to child sexual exploitation.

“I am struck because I didn’t know that this (was) happening, about the porn on Twitter. I am also aware now that there is something going on, that we need to do something about it,” Uy said. 

The vlogger said she has also come to realize that there were important issues that needed to be addressed, exposed and resolved by millennials and Gen Zs, and that they should not always focus on the physical and superficial matters.

We should also think na there’s something going on… na meron na palang nangyayari na nirerape ang anak and ang iba binibenta yung anak nila, so we need to do something about it,” she said. 

She thanked republicasia for shedding light on important issues in order to prod people to take action and bring about change.



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