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Upgrade your looks with these holiday inspired nails 

by Deanna Macaranas

THE most anticipated season of the year has finally arrived and it is no secret that some people are spending their Christmas bonuses to upgrade their appearance at gatherings. 

Aside from clothes shopping and getting a big hair makeover—for many people, getting their nails done for the holiday season is a must. 

Still thinking about what kind of nails to get for the holidays? Check out our list: 

For simplicity–a classic french tip 

Not only that it’s a go-to for many people, a classic french tip is also convenient when it comes to maintaining it. The elegance of a french tip is unmatchable. 

In short, you can say that it’s simple yet elegant. 

Courtesy: pexels.com/  @Thiếu Quân Võ Vũ 

Match the Christmas vibes with red and gold 

Do you want something that will remind you of Christmas? Go for a combination of red and gold. 

Courtesy: unsplash.com / @John Price   

Green and Gold 

Or if you’re not a fan of red, go for green. 

Courtesy: unsplash.com / @Alexander Grey 

Coquette Pink for a sweet and soft touch 

If you’re someone who’s not into color yet dislike the simplicity of french tip, a touch of coquette pink might be for you. 

Courtesy: unsplash.com / @Chelson Tamares  

Tri-color Marble for an artistic touch 

Or if you want to experiment with a crazy color, unleash your artistic side by trying this marble nail art. 

Courtesy: pexels.com / @cottonbro studios 

Classic two tone Christmas

After all, it’s not Christmas without red and green. 

Courtesy: pexels.com / @joyce white         

Simple sparkly red  

If you want to maintain a ‘simple yet elegant’ style, go for sparkly red nails. 

Courtesy: pexels.com / @arina krasikova   



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