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Ulan, pinagdadasal ng maraming tao  

by Deanna Macaranas

SA tindi ng  init ng panahon, maraming netizens ang idinaan sa pagrereport ng “Prayer For the Rain,” mula sa social media accounts ng Catholic Bishops’ Conference of the Philippines (CBCP). 

Ayon kasi sa PAGASA, 23 na lugar kasama ang Metro Manila ay nakaranas ng dangerous heat index noong Tuesday. Sa NAIA, Pasay City mararanasan ang heat index na 42 degrees celsius habang 40 degrees celsius naman sa Science Garden in Quezon City. 

Samantala, naitala ng PAGASA ang Dagupan City, Pangasinan bilang sa may pinakamainit na heat index na umabot ng 46 celsius. 

Ang post na shinishare ng maraming netizens ay ginawa pa noong April 2016–kung saan ang “Prayer For the Rain,” ay inirecite sa lahat ng simbahan dahilan sa init, tag-tayo, at little than normal chance of rain na naranasan ng maraming tao noong 2016. 

Most Gracious and Most Merciful God,

Creator, Source and Giver of all things, 

Most powerful in heaven and on earth,

We give You honor and glory.

We thank You

For our home – the earth;

For our light – the sun, moon and stars;

For our solace – our family and friends, our community, our neighbors.

United as Your children, we come to You, pleading,

Shower us with rain, provide us with water that we need.

Father, Your children are begging to survive,

Hear us, we desire to live.

Prolonged drought is depriving us of the fruits of our toil;

Low water supply means hunger and thirst for most of us;

El Niño continues to threaten our relationship with one another.

O Lord, this is a very hostile phenomenon that we beg for You to end.

At this time of looming catastrophe, dear Lord, dwell in our hearts.

Teach us to be more generous; bring out the best in us;

Turn our eyes and ears toward the needs of others, especially the poor.

Move us to share more, care more, serve more and love more.

Holy God, You sanctify this earth to be our sacred abode.

Grant us courage to take in hand the sufferings of the environment;

Grant us might to save and protect the beauty of nature.

Grant us wisdom to restore whatever we have destroyed.

O Loving God, behold on us, Your beloved children

Feel us, feel for us;

Let heaven cry and its tears be our blessed rain.

Have mercy on us Lord, have mercy.

We beg you,

Most Gracious and Merciful God,

Please, let it rain. Amen.



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