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Trina Candaza says ex Carlo Aquino ‘very excited to remove us from his life’ 

by Izel Abanilla

TALK about a swipe. 

Model Trina Candaza did not mince words when she poured her heart out in her year-ender post where she ran through the struggles and milestones she experienced in 2022. Included in her post is a direct hit at her ex-partner Carlo Aquino.

In an Instagram post, Candaza looked back on her past year.

Image: Screen grabbed from @trinacandaza Instagram

“Before leaving 2022, I want to look back and be reminded of all the things that happened to me, to us rather,” she said. “So I will be reminded of how I braved through it all.” 

She then revealed the real deal between her and her ex-partner and what he did to their family, at least according to her.

She did not directly name Aquino, but it was evident from her post that she was referring to her former partner. 

“We lost someone whom I thought will be the man who will always keep us safe, someone who will protect us,” she said.

“But little did I know he will be the one who is very excited to remove us from his life,” she added. 

But, for every loss there’s always a gain. Candaza proudly shared her achievements in 2022 that made her bounce back. 

“And looking back, I’ve realized that me and Mithi have been very blessed with the people around us. Providing me support and opportunities,” she said. 

She expressed gratitude for her four endorsements that provided her with financial stability. 

Because of these, she was able to buy her first car, a bag, and open three new, small businesses, she said.

In the past year, she also learned how to ride a big bike, free dive, and scuba dive, she said. 

“Thank you to all the people who have helped me and Mithi, you know who you are, we love you and we are very grateful for all the help and love,” she said.

“2022, you are the year that built me,” she ended. 

Because of Candaza’s revelation, netizens were quick to throw virtual punches at Aquino with whom she has a daughter, Enola Mithi. 

Carlo Aquino, Charlie Dizon ‘romance’ 

Before the year ended, rumors swirled that Aquino was in a romance with Kapamilya star Charlie Dizon. 

Dizon and Aquino worked together in the upcoming movie “Love on a Budget.” 

They have been seen getting comfy with each other on social media. 


@Carlo Aquino f na f 😂

♬ As It Was – PREP

Aquino, however, has been quiet about the issue. 

Carlo Aquino, Trina Candaza separation

It has been more than a year since news of Aquino and Candaza’s break-up went viral on social media. 

Candaza, along with their baby, left the house she had been sharing Aquino. She is currently living in a condominium unit. 

Last July 2022, the 26-year-old mom told netizens about the actor’s lack of commitment to the family they were building.

Photo credit: Trina Candaza, Carlo Aquino, Enola Mithi via @trinacandaza Instargram

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