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How to keep your sanity in road gridlock

by Athena Yap

THE  pre-pandemic traffic is back!

As Christmas fast approaches, going out seems like seeing a huge parking lot on the road due to heavy traffic.

With malls extending working hours, bazaars opening in many places and parties beginning to increase in a lot of areas, traffic jams are expected everywhere.

Not to mention that most people look forward to going out as many stayed home for more than two years of the pandemic.

The busy road may be a pain, but if it is really necessary to go out, here are tips that may help to ease the stress caused by traffic jams.

List down agendas

Before leaving the house, it’s better to plan ahead and make sure to organize the errands that have to be done on that day. If you can, do not go out during rush hours. 

It is also important to check or plan the routes on virtual maps first before deciding to go out.

Give time allowance

Lack of time allowance could cause stress and frustration. Traffic is often unpredictable, especially if the destination is not familiar to you. That is why it is important to adjust or give a time allowance for leaving if the appointment is time sensitive.

Check your car first

To ensure less stress when driving, see to it first that your car is properly maintained.

No one wants their car to break down in the middle of the road and be a cause of delay for others along the drive.

A broken engine is worse than being stuck in traffic.

Avoid entertaining calls/SMS

While on the road, using a phone for calls and texts is not advised by authorities. However, if it is an emergency, it is better to stop at a place first before attending to your phone.

Keep distance, don’t get close

We cannot control how others drive or discipline themselves but we can control how we drive. It’s better to stay calm when there are drivers who are too aggressive and difficult to understand. Keep your temper and just give way to get away from any road problems.

Play Music

It’s okay to play a good song so long as it’s not too loud that it will be a struggle to hear the natural sound of the road. Music is like a best friend that accompanies you when things don’t go well.



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