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Tom says he still loves Carla, but…

by Izel Abanilla

“Of course.” 

This is what actor Tom Rodriguez said when asked if he still loves estranged wife Carla Abellana. 

Rodriguez finally broke his silence about his controversial short-lived marriage to Abellana. He said he was still in the process of healing his heart and picking up the pieces. 

“It’s up in the air pa rin, siguro it’s still healing,” he said in an exclusive interview with veteran talent manager Ogie Diaz aired in  his vlog Thursday, December 1. 

“It’s in the process,” he said.

 “Hindi naman madali ‘yun eh, it’s gonna be tricky to navigate. It’s gonna take a long time but it’s underway.’’

Although he admitted to still love Abellana, Rodriguez said his feelings for her have already been “transforming into something else.” 

Over the past months, the 35-year-old actor has endured tremendous backlash online. Some people presumed he should be faulted for the failure of their marriage. 

All as a result of Abellana’s statement that she was “disrespected, betrayed,” and “was lied to” apparently referring to Rodriguez.

 “I was used,” she said in a previous interview.

  “I was shamed. I was made to look stupid.” 

Carla Abellana and Tom Rodriguez via @teampatdy Instagram

Abellana further went on to say that not only she but her family as well was betrayed when all she did was love him with all her heart. 

With all of these accusations, the actor never publicly explained his side and he plans to keep it that way. 

“Marami [issues that I wanted to correct] but I don’t wanna correct. I feel like there’s no need,” he said. 

On being gay: ‘I don’t mind hearing it, but it’s not true’ 

Among the rumors about their split was a third party on Rodriguez’s end. What was even more surprising were hearsays that the other party wasn’t actually a woman, but a man. 

The issue was further fueled when the actress’ father, actor Rey “PJ” Abellana, said that there was infidelity on Rodriguez’ end. And so when asked if there was another woman, he denied. 

And so Diaz asked Rodriguez if he was gay. 

“If that’s the worst that someone can call me, that’s not an insult to me,” he said.  

Rodriguez said “no” , he isn’t gay. 

“But I don’t mind hearing it. It’s not the truth but it doesn’t bother me,” he said.

Rodriguez however admitted that indeed, there were things he should be held accountable for. 

“Tao lang ako, I have my mistakes,” he said. 

 “Siguro hindi yung mga ibinibintang sa akin per se but I have things I have to be accountable for, that I have no problem saying. May mga mali ako na kinailangan kong pagbayaran at pinagbayaran ko.”

He tried to win his wife back

Carla Abellana and Tom Rodriguez via @teampatdy Instagram

There might be no communication between them now but at  the height of their marital woes, the actor said he did everything he could to win his wife back. 

“One hundred percent, I can say na I have no guilt when it comes to that I feel unencumbered, I feel like I’ve tried everything that I could,” he said. 

Last June 17, 2022, Rodriguez revealed that he was now divorced from Abellana.  As a US citizen, he could file for it, he said.

“We’re processing na rin naman the recognition (of the divorce) sa Philippines, to have it recognized also there so at least para both of us can truly be free,” he said. 

The two first worked together in the Kapuso megahit drama “My Husband’s Lover” in 2013. It was October 2020 when the two finally got engaged after seven years of relationship. They got married in October 2021 and separated only after three months. 

Banner photo credit: Tom Rodriguez via @akosimangtomas Instagram



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