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Tom Rodriguez: I didn’t hurt  Carla Abellana 

by Izel Abanilla


This was the stern answer of actor Tom Rodriguez in trying to set the record straight about allegations that he physically harmed his estranged wife, actress Carla Abellana. 

He finally broke his silence during his one-on-one interview with veteran talent manager and vlogger Ogie Diaz in his YouTube program. The actor is currently in the US. 

But while he might not have inflicted her physical pain, Rodriguez said he  did cause her emotional damage. 

“Physically never, emotionally dahil tao tayo lahat tayo,” he said. 

Abellana revealed on June 14 that the overwhelming  weight of their problems had already compounded inside her and that for over seven years she couldn’t react against the injustices done to her. 

“Makakatikim po ako kahit subukan ko pong ipaliwanag sa kanya na nasasaktan niya ako at hindi po tama ang mga ginagawa niya,” she said.

“Paulit-ulit ko pong pinapaalala sa kanya na hindi po ako kalaban at mabuti po ang kalooban at intensyon ko. 7 na taon pong naipon sa loob ko lahat yun.”

Rodriguez had battled a number of controversies, including those thrown by his socmed critics, or bashers.

Because of his struggles then, Rodriguez even entertained the thought that ending his life might just be his only way to stop these.

“In recent months ang tindi ng depression ko, dumating ako sa point na ganun, na I thought that was the only way out,” he said. 

“Bashers I can’t control,” he said.

“If it’s constructive I’ll listen to it, if it’s something I can truly grow from, okay. Pero if it’s just noise, if it’s to hurt, just to hurt someone then why entertain it.” 

Loving, acting again

Diaz asked the actor if his heart is still open to loving again.

“I thought I wouldn’t anymore,” he said. “But now I’m open to it, I’m open to the thought, that idea that life goes on.” 

The “My Husband’s Lover” actor left the country last March 13.

Since then he has not been seen or heard of. But his hiatus is about to end as he is set to come back very soon. 

“Next year,” he said. 

“Yeah. [I’m ready to work] I love to, na-miss ko. In fact [GMA], andami nangyari sa buhay ko, isa sila sa sumagip. Nakakataba ng puso talaga yung GMA, hindi nila ko binitawan,” he said. 



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