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TikTok grandma laid to rest

by Deanna Macaranas

ANICIA Santos Manipon, famously known as the ‘TikTok Grandma’ of content creator Chris Punsalan was laid to rest yesterday. 

Just recently, Punsalan just posted a video depicting his grandma’s funeral.

He said that before passing away, she wished to be buried beside her late husband. 

Chris, along with his family had gathered for nine days straight, to pray and grieve for his grandmother’s death 

@firstnamechris forever grateful for grandma 🕊️❤️. music by @kristinberardi1 ♬ original sound – Chris Punsalan

TikTok grandma passed away last January 30, and despite the days having passed, a lot of fans are still heartbroken over her death. 

Chris Punsalan’s video content often features his grandma as he serves as a full time caregiver for her. With a lot of people loving his content, his TikTok account had earned a staggering 2.6 million followers.

Rest in Paradise, TikTok Grandma.



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