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Throwback Pinoy songs heard in street parties 

by Athena Yap

PARTIES  are not limited to indoor places. Many Filipinos enjoy celebrating on the streets, often with very loud music, especially during the Christmas season.

Now that it is the festive time of the year, street parties are sure to abound. 

Aside from Jose Mari Chan songs, there are other tunes that were a hit during the early 2000s and were played whenever people gathered outside to party.

These songs may probably be familiar to you and bring nostalgia.

Boom Tarat-tarat

Ever since its release in the early 2000s, the song from the popular game show of Willie Revillame has been heard in almost every party. 

This song was a mainstay in Wowowee, one of the longest running noon-time shows during the young adulthood of the millennials.

The song is so lively that it has become one of the most played music at parties.


This is another song from Willie Revillame’s show, Wowowee. It was usually enjoyed during Christmas parties and had children dancing to the tune. 

The song invites people to move their bodies and sway their hips, and some can’t resist.

Spaghetti song

It’s like a dance competition every time this song is played. The iconic all-female dance group in early 2000s, Sexbomb, made this a hit. 

In fact, once it is played, people start to groove.  It’s also the type of music that prompts titos and titas to take out their wallets and give aguinaldos to whoever dances best to the tune. 

Pamela One

Millennials certainly memorized the steps of this song and maybe up to now, they can still dance the full choreography of this number.

Your childhood probably may not be complete if you didn’t memorize the dance steps to this song.  


This has one of the easiest choreographies, which is why many can probably still remember how to dance it.

But what’s impressive about this song is that it only started as a joke;  it now has become a sensational party song.


Party games aren’t completely fun without this song being played. People laugh while dancing it because the steps can be awkward, especially for boys. But many still enjoy it. 


This song has a little bit of a flirty vibe, but kids and teens enjoy  it. 

D’ bodies, another all-girl group from the mid-2000s, came up with this song which became a hit and was used in many Christmas parties.


The Viva Hot Babes made it! This song is also mostly played when parlor games are taking place. It is usually danced by adults in front of many people. Kids also enjoy seeing their mom, dad, tita and tito go crazy about it.



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