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‘The First Slam Dunk’ lands in PH cinemas 2023

by Joyce Remo

LACE up your sneakers, Slam Dunk fans, as the film adaptation of the well-received anime is set to arrive in Philippine cinemas on February 1, as announced by Viewer’s Choice Philippines’ Facebook page.

Slam Dunk’s anime movie adaptation, The First Slam Dunk, was released in Japanese cinemas on December 3. The computer-animated sports film directed and written by Takehiko Inoue sold 847,000 tickets and earned US$9.5 million during its first two days in the box office.

The Japanese manga-turned-anime Slam Dunk aired its first episode in October 1993. The basketball-themed anime series was able to broadcast 101 episodes before its cancellation in March 1996. 

This left fans dismayed as there was more to the manga series than the anime variation. 

Meanwhile, hopes are high that the upcoming film will pick up where the anime series has left off.

Slam Dunk is a popular anime to two generations — millennials and GenZs. Many fans are expecting the return of the well-known anime series as it offers a trip back to their childhood after-school anime binge-watching memories.

The film adaptation narrates the story of delinquent Hanamichi Sakuragi’s adventure as he sets foot in the high school basketball scene. His basketball career commenced when he entered Shohoku High, where he met his love interest, Haruko Akagi.

Akagi was the first to recognize the male lead’s athletic ability. Despite Sakuragi’s basketball aversion, he eventually joined the team.

The First Slam Dunk’s plot will feature Sakuragi’s effort as he pursues Akagi, who is passionate about the ball game.

More importantly, the anime shows the comedic, dramatic, and thrilling on-court action of high school ballers as they grow from typical jocks to formidable and sublime basketball players.



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