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Sunday Family Day: Must-watch films before heading on to the new week

by Jericho Zafra

IT’S five o’clock in the morning of Sunday, your last day off, and you are losing motivation to kick off a brand new week. You regret waking up early because it’s your last free day, and yet you woke up earlier than the sun. 

Forget about the remaining hours of your rest day and spend more time with your family than overthinking work emails.

Here’s what you can watch with your family before you go back to work:

The Pursuit of Happyness

Chris Gardner, a struggling salesman, gets custody of his son just as he’s about to start a new job that will transform his entire life. The film revolves around the concept of survival, determination, and never giving up on your dreams. For Chris, his love for his son and his willpower were the two values that he will hold as he goes through the uncertain path of life.

The Darkest Hour

The film recounts Winston Churchill’s time as prime minister of the United Kingdom at the onset of World War II and the May 1940 War Cabinet Crisis, when he refused to negotiate a diplomatic pact to obtain peace with Nazi Germany as they marched through Western Europe.

The Marriage Story

In “Marriage Story,” married couple Charlie and Nicole are going through a difficult time as they deal with the intricate procedural and psychological fallout of their divorce. The screenplay, which was written by Noah Baumbach as well, is inspired by the director’s own breakup with the actress Jennifer Jason Leigh. 

After the pair decided to end their marriage, Nicole, an aspiring actress in Hollywood, moved to Los Angeles with their son, which prompted Charlie, a stage director based in Brooklyn, to relocate as well.

Heaven is for Real 

Todd Burpo (Greg Kinnear), a local businessman, preacher, and volunteer firefighter, and his wife, Sonja (Kelly Reilly), are having trouble making ends meet during a difficult year. Todd and Sonja are overtaken with happiness upon discovering that their little son, Colton (Connor Corum), has made a miraculous survival following an unanticipated emergency operation. Colton informs his parents that he went to heaven and back. Colton recalls the stories of his unbelievable voyage with the naiveté of a toddler and discusses issues about things that took place before he was born. The Burpos are taken aback by this development because they were not expecting it.

The Boy Who Harnessed the Wind

William and his sister can no longer receive the opportunity of attending school because it is beyond the financial means of their family. But William thinks that his degree in engineering might be the solution to resolving the starvation. 

The premise of this movie revolves around a young boy who helped save his entire community from famine. 

Which movie has given you the most motivation to fuel your week ahead? Share them in the comment section.

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