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SPOTLIGHT: VXON remains the ‘monster’ group in P-Pop 

by Joshua Gerona

Recently updated on April 17, 2024 04:40 pm

In Control! We are VXON!

THE future of P-Pop is set to shine even brighter with the rising five-piece group VXON at the helm, proving to the world that they are indeed “The Monsters of Philippine Pop.” 

The name VXON (read as ‘vision’) refers to the group’s shared vision—to uplift P-Pop—despite the member’s differences in personality and life backgrounds.

Composed of members C13, Franz, Patrick, Vince, and Sam, the group debuted in January 2022 with the release of their debut single, “The Beast,” talking about hope, self-love, and belief in oneself. 

The pop track showcased not just their formidable talents in singing and dancing but even in songwriting. Members Franz, C13, and Sam wrote and produced the song with the help of Korean producer Knockloud, hoping to inspire people to pursue their dreams and bring out the best in themselves. 

Three months after their debut, Cornerstone Entertainment’s official P-Pop boy group already unleashed their monstrous prowess after performing at the prestigious Expo 2020 in Dubai, along with Erik Santos, Shanti Dope, and Jason Dy. 

In April, VXON released its first-ever special single “P.S.” The single was followed by tracks “Reach The Top,” which served as the official soundtrack for the reality-survival show Top Class, and “LUV Is,” a collaboration song with singer Zephanie. 

In September, VXON made their third comeback with the single, “Fiyaah.” A month later, they released their rendition of GIMME5’s “Ikaw Na Na Na” as part of John Manalo’s album project, The Music of Jonathan Manalo – 20 years.

The group would produce several songs in 2023, including “Breaking Bad,” “PRETTY PLEASE,” and “Dulo.” 

Being the monsters that they are in the P-pop music scene, the quintet made a bang this year with the release of their first-ever album last January entitled “20:20”. 

Conceptualized and written by the group, the album’s name references the concept of perfect eye vision. 

But instead of pursuing perfection, the group said that the album was actually about embracing imperfections. Such a paradoxical approach, for the group, is what makes life even more beautiful. 

Aside from promoting Filipino music, VXON was also active in performing in various advocacy-led events. 

The group, for instance, was among the P-pop performers who represented the P-pop community in Quezon City’s Pride Festival last year. 

They also performed at the recently concluded UP Fair: Pop Rising, an event calling for quality education for all. 

VXON has also been vocal about prioritizing mental health, hoping their discography would somehow help their fans—collectively known as VIXIES—overcome their struggles. 

VXON garnered several awards and nominations throughout their career, including the Nylon Manila Big Bold Brave Awards for Favorite Rookie PPop Group (2022), TAG Awards Chicago for Band of the Year (Bronze, 2022), and 4th Village Pipol Choice Awards for Spotlight of the Year (2023). 

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