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SPOTLIGHT: The new generation of P-pop starts with AJAA

by Joshua Gerona

Recently updated on May 21, 2024 02:25 pm

Everyday, seize the day! We are AJAA!

SINCE last year, Pinoy pop or P-pop as a subgenre of OPM has been making big waves in the local music scene, with groups SB19 and BINI taking the lead. 

The gradual rise to fame of the genre has led to the emergence of new P-pop groups in the country, signifying a new era of Filipino music anchored on the idea of ‘idol image.’ 

One of them is AJAA, a four-member boy group composed of Ash (Leader, Main Visual, Lead Rapper), JC (Main Dancer and Lead Vocal), Axl (Main Vocals), and Alex (Main Rapper and Lead Dancer). 

Debuted in September last year, the quartet is the latest boy group of Cornerstone Entertainment, the home to some promising P-pop groups like Yes My Love, G22, and VXON—the winner of RA Spotlight last month. 

AJAA is derived from the first letter of each member’s name and alludes to the Korean phrase “aja!” which means “fighting” or “good luck.”  

According to their label, the group aims to bring “youthful energy” complemented with “cute wits and talents” in their discography and performances, making them the “New Generation of PPOP.” 

Commonly, a group would enter the music scene with the release of a single. The new boy group deviated from this norm and shocked the public when they released an entire EP album called 4 Ü

The EP is composed of four songs—“Hany(title track), “Best Day Ever,” “Cuppy Cake,” and “Torpe”—under Republic Records Philippines

The group said the album is an attempt to bring the public, especially their fans, collectively known as Hanies, back to their childhood moments. 

The members also took part in the production of the album, particularly in the aspect of songwriting and melody, to capture the essence of the Gen Z experience in their music. 

Despite being one of the youngest groups, it has never been a hindrance for the group to shine in the P-Pop music scene. Last December, AJAA was hailed as the Philippine Pop Top Rising Group of the Year in the 8th PPOP Awards 2023. 

Before debuting, the members underwent over a year of rigorous training. Ash and JC were former participants of the reality survival show Top Class, while Axl was already making a name on TikTok with his dance covers. 

Meanwhile, Alex has appeared in various TV commercials and films and was even scouted by a South Korean Entertainment agency. 

True to their commitment to bringing youthful and bright vibes to the P-pop scene, AJAA hopes to contribute to the rise of P-pop by bringing it further to the international stage through their music someday. 

But one big question is currently hunting the group’s fandom, which only AJAA could answer: when will they release new music, or perhaps an album? 

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