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SPOTLIGHT: Meet the new darlings of PPOP KAIA

by Joshua Gerona

KAIA is here! 

The rising all-female P-Pop group KAIA is composed of members Angela, Sophia, Charice, Charlotte, and Alexa

The group name is derived from the Cebuano term “kinaiya,” which pertains to one’s inner character and individuality. It is also a reference to the Filipino word “kaya”—referring to the person’s courage and capability to overcome hurdles. 

Signed with Sony Music Philippines, the group debuted in 2022 with the track “Blah Blah.”

A day after their official debut, KAIA already showcased to the P-Pop community their charming talents when they served as an opening act at the 2022 PPOPCON. 

The group performed their debut single in front of the crowd for the first time. 

In September, KAIA released their second single, “Dalawa,” which would later become their most popular song until now. 

Due to its popularity, the group would later release various versions of the song, such as “Dalawa (REMIIX),” “Dalawa (SPED UP),” “Dalawa (REMIIX – SPED UP),” and “Dalawa (Jr Crown Remix).”

Before wrapping their 2022 journey, the group performed as featured artists at SB19’s Where You At tour in Singapore. This marked the group’s first international show since their debut. 

KAIA would kick off 2023 with a blast after releasing their first-ever mini album, “Turn Up.” The album has four songs, including the main track, “Turn Up,” and three b-sides tracks, “Dalawa,” “KAYA,” and “Blah Blah.” 

They released another single named “5678” before returning to 2023 PPOPCON as performers. In the event, the group performed the new single, along with “Turn Up” and “Dalawa.” 

KAIA was also part of Spotify’s RADAR 2023 artist lineup, along with P-Pop groups BINI, Alamat, G22, and VXON. 

In December, the group finally held its first-ever concert “KAIA IS HERE” in Teatrino Promenade. 

Last April 6, KAIA celebrated its second anniversary in the industry with its fans known as ZAIA by kicking off “KAIAVERSITY”—a special fan concert event held at the Music Museum in San Juan. 

The group released its new single “YOU DID IT” on April 12 via Sony Music Entertainment. 

Hoping for P-Pop to be a global phenomenon, KAIA is bringing a unique flavor to Pinoy music that resonates most with Filipino experiences. The group hopes to represent P-pop in the international music scene someday. 

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