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SPOTLIGHT: Denise Julia—the future R&B icon 

by Joshua Gerona

SOCIAL media has undeniably become instrumental in popularizing social issues and cultural content. 

People can easily access the trends in fashion, films, and even music. They can also get popular with just a simple push of the publish button on Facebook, Twitter, and TikTok. 

Denise Julia is among the many rising artists who unexpectedly rose to stardom after her song went viral on TikTok. 

At the age of thirteen, the 22-year-old R&B songstress began making covers and writing original songs, although her dream was actually to be an actress. 

Growing up watching MTV as a kid, her style in music would be greatly influenced by R&B female artists of the 90s, such as Beyoncé, Mariah Carey, Destiny’s Child, and Aaliyah. She often credited her R&B roots to these female icons. 

When she released her single NVMD in 2022, the catchy track gained massive traction on social media, particularly on TikTok. 

With millions of streams across social media platforms, Denise Julia would become a household name locally and internationally. 

Denise is known for her fusion of old and modern R&B style, alluring the public with her feel-good lyrics and groovy pop beats. 

In November 2023, she released her first-ever mini album, ‘Sweet Nothings (Chapter 1),’ which would further cement her name in the R&B music scene with more than 10 million Spotify streams one hour after the album was released. 

Like the 90s R&B queens she looks up to, Denise is also a firm advocate for queer and women’s rights. 

She often crafted songs that openly support and empower the LGBTQ community. Her viral hit ‘Sugar and Spice,’ for instance, showcased LGBT relationship imagery.   

Denise also advocated for women’s representation in the music industry dominated by male artists. She believed women deserve better support in the music scene. 

With her massive popularity today, Denise Julia is poised to be the future R&B queen in the country. 

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