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SPOTLIGHT: 1ST ONE returns to the P-Pop scene bolder, fiercer than ever before

by Joshua Gerona

Start to the end. Going up to be first! We are 1st One! 

LIKE a phoenix rising from the ashes, P-Pop boy group 1ST ONE has returned to the P-Pop scene after being on the verge of disbanding. This time, they come back stronger and bolder than ever before. 

This year, the group has entered an era of rebranding, paving the way for the birth of a brand-new 1ST ONE.

The six-piece all-male group debuted in 2020 under the Seoul-based talent management company First One Entertainment. 

Composed of members Ace, Max, Alpha, Joker, J, and Jayson, the sextet made history as the first Filipino boy group to perform at the prestigious Seoul Music Awards. 

Their debut track, “You Are The One (Ttak Maja Nuh),” was the first fruit of their years of training both in South Korea and the Philippines. 

The song was produced by South Korean producer Docksim with choreography by Ryu.D. Both previously worked with the most popular K-pop groups today. 

In October, the group released their first-ever special single, “Hold On.” 

1ST ONE finally made their official comeback in 2021 with their second single, “Oh!”

In an exclusive interview, the group told republicasia that they almost got disbanded during the ‘Oh!’ era, thinking that this comeback would be the last for the group. 

However, the members fought tooth and nail for their dreams. On the evening of December 31, 2021, the group surprised the fans, collectively known as ForOne, after announcing their return to the P-pop scene. 

In January 2022, 1ST ONE released their comeback single, “Shout Out,” which would later top the Billboard Hot Trending Songs, making them the second P-pop group to achieve this milestone after SB19. 

They would release two more songs, “Turn Up” and “Dahil Sa Mahal Kita,” before wrapping up their 2022 journey. 

They kicked off their third year in the industry with “Problem Child,” considered the highest budget P-pop MV yet worth P20 Million, “Oras,” and the fan-favorite “DITO.” 

In December, the group held their first-ever solo concert at the Teatrino Greenhills in San Juan City. 

1ST ONE hopes to bring Filipino talents to the global stage with their discography. They recently performed at UP Fair: Pop Rising, an advocacy event proposing free and quality education for everyone.

The group is also vocal in promoting P-Pop in general, urging the public to support all P-Pop groups no matter what.  

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