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SPOTLIGHT: 1621BC is bringing ‘unique vibes’ to the P-pop music scene

by Joshua Gerona

WITH the expansion of the P-pop landscape in the country, bringing fresh tunes and concepts seems to be one of the most challenging aspects for new groups entering the fast-growing industry. 

But in the case of 1621BC, bringing something new to the table is their specialty as one of the fresh faces in the P-pop scene. 

Debuted in November 2023, 1621BC is a six-member boy group under Star Pop and PPL Entertainment composed of JM, JC, Pan, Win, Migz, and DJ

According to the group, the number ‘1621’ refers to an angel number manifestation associated with success and fulfillment, while ‘BC’ is a short term for “Beyond Complete” as the group aims for perfection. 

Before their official debut, the sextet were all former participants of the reality survival show Dream Maker, where Filipino boy group HORI7ON was formed. 

After undergoing intensive training, they officially entered the local music scene with the release of “Laruan.” The debut single talks about a toxic relationship and how to deal with heartbreaks. 

But what makes the group unique? 1621BC said that they want to bring back the “classic vibes” in their discography while infusing the tunes of K-pop and the West. 

Furthermore, the group also ventures into various musical genres, including pop, country, R&B, and ballads, making them a versatile group in the P-pop industry. 

The sextet also focuses more on the vocals than dancing as they believe P-pop has been putting more emphasis on the latter. 

In February, the group dropped their first-ever self-titled EP. The album tackles the different stages of young love, from falling in love to dealing with heartbreaks. 

It has six songs in total, including their two previously released singles, “Laruan” and “Crush, Crush.” The EP also features the key track “Ikaw at Ikaw,” which talks about trying to fix a relationship bound to break apart. 

Other songs in the EP include “Handa Na Ang Puso,” “TOFU (Think of You),” and a rendition of Daniel Padilla’s hit single “Simpleng Tulad Mo.” 

The EP was overall produced by StarPop label head Roque ‘Rox’ Santos. 

With the group’s commitment to bringing ‘unique vibes’ to the P-pop scene with their discography, they hope to make it to the global stage someday. 

As for their future activities, the group is looking forward to making another album and thanking their fans, Guardians, for their unwavering support. 

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