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Sofia Andres, Daniel Miranda shoot down split rumors

by Athena Yap

GOING strong?

Power couple Sofia Andres and Daniel Miranda squashed  rumors that they have split up.

Sofia in her Instagram today, uploaded a series of photos of daughter Zoe’s first time going to the dental clinic and among the images was a candid shot of Zoe carried by her dad Daniel.

Shortly before Sofia’s post, car racer Daniel posted in his Instagram story a snap of the actress and their daughter with a sweet caption that said “Through thick and thin, I love you both very much”

Fans were delighted after seeing the lovebirds bonding together with their baby amidst the speculations that the two have broken up.

Some expressed their relief when the couple finally reaffirmed their relationship to the public.

Rumors circulated on social media when Sofia and Daniel separately spent the holidays. Although the two did not have a record of unfollowing each other, netizens can’t help thinking if there was something going on between them.

Allegations sizzled when Sofia had a catch up moment with Elisse Joson whose relationship with partner McCoy de Leon recently ended.

Sofia shared the news last October that they were building their second home.




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