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Sofia Andres, Daniel Miranda puzzle fans on Christmas

by Athena Yap

HOLIDAY break-up?

Even on Christmas, eagle-eyed netizens can’t help speculate if showbiz couple Sofia Andres and Daniel Miranda have broken up after the two uploaded individual pictures with their daughter for their Christmas post on Instagram.

Sofia on Sunday posted a series of photos showing her daughter, Zoe, doing cute poses. The last slide was a photo of only the two of them.

On his own account,  Daniel uploaded a photo of him and Zoe greeting everyone a Merry Christmas in his caption.

What further fueled speculation was netizens’ observation that Sofia was no longer following Daniel on Instagram. Daniel is still following Sofia. 

But a few hours after the rumors about their alleged break up arose, Sofia refollowed Daniel on Instagram.

So what is the real score between them in this season of cheers?

Even though Sofia seemingly answered the question if she is still in a relationship with Daniel, some netizens are still asking whether or not the two are still together.

They noted that Daniel was not present at the recent family picture that Sofia uploaded on social media.

The picture showed the actress with her family and daughter Zoe, but without her boyfriend.

Last May, there were also rumors that they had broken up after Sofia unfollowed Daniel.

The two started dating in 2015 and they had their baby in 2019.

Sofia is an ABS-CBN actress and currently stars in the show “The Iron Heart.”

So what’s it all about, Sofia, Daniel?



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