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Side A releases heart-breaking new song ‘Clueless’ 

by Izel Abanilla

To all those left without a why, Side A has an answer. 

The premiere OPM band’s newly-released single “Clueless” written by its bassist Ned Esguerra is surely a broken heart’s best friend. This is because the song harmoniously stirs the pains of someone who had to endure being left without a goodbye or any reason why. 

With lyrics like “Just give me a reason, it doesn’t matter if it’s wrong…you can break my heart and say goodbye, just tell me why…’coz it’s cold outside and you will never know, I’ll be clueless when you go…” the ballad tries to interpret the grief of trying to understand why things had to end the way it did. 

For over 35 years, the group has sung some of the most heart melting classics that defined generations of music lovers.  

With a string of hits such as “Forevermore,” “Tell Me,” “So Many Questions,” “Set You Free” and “Heart of Mine” among others, the group currently composed of Yubs Esperat on lead vocals, Leevon Cailao on guitars, Ned Esguerra on bass, Naldy Gonzalez on keyboards and vocals and Ernie Severino on drums promise to follow with Side A’s signature sound. 

The group has just returned to the studio fresh from their successful “Then and Now” concert” last September at the Newport World Resorts to record their new single under Widescope Entertainment. 

“Clueless” is now available on major streaming platforms. 

Photo credit: Side A Facebook



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