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SB19 reaches ‘amicable agreement’ with former label

by Joanna Deala

IT was as if a thorn was pulled out of the chest of A’TIN or the fans of popular boy group SB19 when it came to an “amicable agreement” with its former label, ShowBT Philippines.

This was announced by 1Z Entertainment, SB19’s own company, yesterday, December 6, and said that the agreement between the two parties was done “through a fair and equitable resolution.”

The agency did not give further details about what the agreement was all about, but fans speculated that this could be related to the members’ rights to their group name and logo.

SB19 — composed of Pablo, Stell, Josh, Ken, and Justin — debuted in 2018 under ShowBT Philippines. The members are now being handled by their own company that they launched in October, coinciding with the month-long celebration of their half a decade anniversary as a group.

Few weeks after, A’TIN noticed that the phenomenal quintet dropped the name “SB19” from their respective Instagram bios, causing speculations that they were rebranding since ShowBT owned the SB19 trademark, as shown on the Intellectual Property Office of the Philippines’ website.

Fans have been addressing the members “Mahalima,” or the short term for “mahal namin kayong lima,” amidst the speculations.

The quintet previously canceled their shows in Singapore, Bangkok, and the United Arab Emirates for their “Pagtatag!” tour “to prioritize the well-being of our artists,” said 1Z Entertainment in November.

Meanwhile, the Japan-leg of their concert was rescheduled for the “[first] quarter of 2024.”

Following this series of show cancellation and postponement, 1Z entertainment said that the boy group “eagerly anticipate reconnecting with all of you in their upcoming endeavors.”

“Thank you for your patience and unwavering support towards SB19 and 1Z Entertainment,” it said on Tuesday.

It added, “We can’t wait to see you all again soon.”


A’TIN, on the other hand, are stoked about 1Z Entertainment’s agreement with ShowBT Philippines, making the line “ATIN ANG SB19” trend on X (formerly Twitter).

Some fans said they couldn’t wait to hear once again the group’s remarkable introduction, “Get in the zone, break! Hi, we are SB19!”

Even fans from different parts of the world were celebrating the agency’s announcement as they expressed their support for the quintet.

Pablo, Stell, Josh, Ken, and Justin are set to attend the 2023 Asia Artist Awards (AAA), along with other Filipino and South Korean artists on December 14 at the Philippine Arena in Bulacan.



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