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SB19 hits it big in LA, announces Mla concert on 12.18

by Athena Yap

THEY did it again!

The Los Angeles ‘(WYAT) Where You At’ concert tour of the sensational P-pop group SB19 was a huge success with full support of the A’tins in the US.

With the back-to-back success of the New York and Los Angeles concerts, SB19 announced they will hold the finale of their WYAT Tour 2022 in Manila on December 18.

“MANILA we’re back to celebrate the finale of the WYAT Tour 2022 and another year with A’TIN!” SB19 tweeted.

Indeed, the group gave a hundred percent of their performance to the full crowd of Avalon, Hollywood, the venue of their concert.

The people queued for the concert were not only their Filipino supporters but also other Americans, some even from Canada came all the way to LA just to jam with the famous all-filipino boyband.

Fans were hooked for three hours. SB19 performed their hits like “Bazinga” and “WYAT (Where You At).” 

Fans got even more thrilled when the SB19 members grabbed their phone to take a selfie with them during their performance and gave them an autograph.

Videos about their concert in LA are everywhere now on YouTube as uploaded by some of the A’tins.

Youtube channel ITHINKTHEREFOREITIS gave us a glimpse of the LA (WYAT) Where Are You At concert

Some comments from fans who watched the Los Angeles concert:

“Galing galing niyo!”

“What a blast!!!!! congratulations on the successful concert. Few more to goo. Take care always mga vebs”


It was a winning moment for the SB19, the past tours from Dubai to New York to Los Angeles. They will perform at the Fox Theater in San Francisco on November 18, Friday, and then come back to Singapore on November 27.



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