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Remarkable Philippine kontrabidas

by Athena Yap

REAL talk? Filipino dramas are undoubtedly unforgettable, especially with the evil portrayal of the kontrabidas. Some people even tend to get too affected, to the extent that they wouldn’t leave their seats until the fighting scenes between antagonist and protagonist are over.

Some kontrabidas make such a big impact on audiences that even years after their portrayal of the evil character, people still recall their roles as antagonists in Filipino shows and movies.

Just like these ones we’ve listed below:

Janella Salvador as Valentina

Sssss! She’s slaying on the role as Valentina in this year’s Darna.

Janella Salvador never fails to show a nuanced side of herself. She may have played a lot of protagonist roles, but she is giving off a lot of “pasabog” in playing the role of villain.

Andrea Brillantes as Marga Bartolome

“Hindi ka muna papasok sa iskul, Cassie!”

This unforgettable line has been all over social media ever since it aired.

Indeed, Andrea Brillantes as Marga Bartolome was a big thing in the hit series Kadenang Ginto. 

Prior to her antagonist role, Brillantes usually portrayed cute and sweet characters in series and movies. But following her role as an ultimate spoiled brat, more opportunities opened up for her. 

Glaiza de Castro as Pirena

Kapuso artist Glaiza de Castro proved that she can be an extraordinary kontrabida. Encantadia 2005 hits differently with Glaiza as Pirena who is genuinely giving off seething vibes for the audiences. 

Gladys Reyes as Clara del Valle

The classic Filipino soap opera Mara Clara wouldn’t be as legendary as it is today without Gladys Reyes as Clara, the spoiled brat. Her acting in that particular series was truly incomparable during its time.

Because of her excellence in pulling off the role as an effective rival to Mara (Judy Ann Santos), it became her big break and she was branded as primera kontrabida.

Cherie Gil as Lavinia Arguelles

As the iconic line in Bituing Walang Ningning goes, “You’re nothing but a second-rate, trying hard, copycat!”

The late actress will definitely never be forgotten for this role. The story of the rivalry between a former fan and an established popular singer wouldn’t be the same without Cherie Gil as the Lavinia Arguelles. 



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