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How not to be hard on yourself this 2023

by Jericho Zafra

PROBABLY one of the most challenging parts of having a New Year’s Resolution is how to sustain that momentum to achieve it.

For some, the reason they haven’t seen any development in their new year’s resolution is the lack of commitment.

But for many, to be frank, they do not fulfill their yearly resolutions because they seem unrealistic.

This 2023, choose not to be hard on yourself by choosing to achieve New Year’s resolutions that are more beneficial to your mental health.

Practice mindfulness

In a report from American Psychological Association, some potential benefits of practicing mindfulness include self-control, objectivity, affect tolerance, better flexibility, serenity, improved attention and mental clarity, emotional intelligence, and the ability to interact with others and oneself with kindness, acceptance, and compassion.

Mindfulness can be developed through a range of activities and methods, such as yoga, tai chi, and qigong; however, the majority of the research has focused on mindfulness that is developed through mindfulness meditation, according to APA. Mindfulness meditation refers to “self-regulation practices that focus on training attention and awareness to bring mental processes under greater voluntary control” and, as a result of practicing mindfulness will, “nurture overall cognitive well-being and development as well as adaptive techniques like calmness, clarity, and concentration.”

Stop comparing yourself to others

Unhealthy levels of comparison can make a person suffer from low levels of happiness and self-esteem. Either we grow furious with those around us, or we feel frustrated with ourselves for not being good enough, the report said. 

When people tend to constantly compare themselves to others, they throw away valuable energy by concentrating on other people’s lives rather than on their own. Comparisons almost often lead to feelings of bitterness—a sense of hatred, both toward other people and toward oneself. Comparison robs you of the joy that you deserve, it said.

How to stop it? To put it simply, remember that accepting yourself is one step toward eliminating comparison.

When you know your core: your limitations, flaws, and capabilities, among others, you allow yourself to become fully aware of your personality. Knowing your nature means focusing on yourself, which will help you discern and understand points for improvement.

Embrace your convictions even if they are disliked

Remember that you cannot please everyone, and standing up for your beliefs, even if unpopular, is psychologically beneficial for you.

A 2016 Psychophysiology study revealed that “respondents’ cardiovascular reactions were consistent with a psychological threat state when their goal was to blend in with a group of individuals who disagreed with them, which allowed them to develop anxiety.” 

“When the objective was to stand out from a group of individuals who disagreed with them, on the other hand, their cardiovascular reactions were being challenged, which shows good effects like developing confidence to stand up for their beliefs,” the study said.

Accept criticisms

Remember that you are not always right and that you should always be teachable.

Career placement Indeed said in a report that constructive criticism is given to help them improve their performance and reach their goals. Criticisms also highlight improvement areas and concrete measures, it said. 

Positive feedback can be part of constructive criticism, it said.

In life, everyone commits mistakes or gets criticism. It’s common for people to make errors, and constructive criticism gives you ideas on how to do better for your subsequent work. If you find that you are becoming irritated as a result of feedback, give yourself a moment of reflection before responding, or remove yourself from the situation. Make it a point to follow up with the person discussing the comments, and be sure to communicate your emotions to them in a calm manner.

Always evaluate your work, performance, and mindset.

Do not always carry the brunt and pressure of other people on your shoulder. This 2023, prioritize self-development and make yourself a top priority, especially your mental health.

Have a productive yet mindful year ahead, folks.



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