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Rapper Bad Bunny not sorry for throwing fan’s phone

by Ron Poblete

IF someone grabbed your phone and threw it, what would you do?

Latin rap star Bad Bunny was in the news today while in the Dominican Republic because of a viral video where he can be seen throwing a fan’s phone into what appears to be a body of water. 

You can see him casually walking by with fans approaching him when a young woman excitedly took a video of him really close. He seemed to get annoyed by her because he took the phone from her hand and chucked it away over the baywalk. 

He casually moved on and even interacted with another fan after the incident.


The rap star immediately got backlash after the incident which he replied by going on Twitter:

“ The person who comes up to me to say hello, to tell me something or just to meet me will always receive my attention and respect,” he said in spanish.

“Those who put a fu$*ng phone in my face, I will consider it for what it is, a lack of respect, and i will treat it likewise,” he continued.

Bad bunny pattern?

There seems to be a pattern as he was also embroiled in a controversy in his own country. Earlier, he didn’t mince words calling Puerto Rico’s governor Pedro Pierluisi a c*******er for allowing a private consortium to set up a power company in the country which he blames for the power outages. 

When he was called disrespectful by some he replied: “You know what’s also disrespectful?” 

“It’s disrespectful for Puerto Rico to go without power one, five, four times a day. It’s disrespectful that schools keep closing year after year. It’s disrespectful that people in this country still don’t have access to hospitals or healthcare systems. It’s disrespectful that they keep trying to fool us and take us for pendejos, but they f***** with the generation that won’t be taken advantage of.” 

He refuses to record his music in English because he wants to preserve his heritage and is praised for his bravado.

The 28 year old rapper is from Puerto Rico and has become the country’s biggest star. His popularity in 2022 skyrocketed almost overnight. He is the most streamed artist on Spotify with 18.5 billion streams. His album UVST spent 13 weeks in the Billboard 200 charts.

He has sold out stadiums in the United States and earned $373.5 million dollars from 65 shows.

This latest incident with the phone is just another cap to his growing reputation as the biggest and the most provocative latin star on the planet and he is taking no prisoners.



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