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PVL: Strong Group, to take over Gerflor’s spot

by Bryan Gadingan

AFTER proven to be a successful sports management firm, Strong Group Athletics (SGA) will expand their services by taking over the Gerflor franchise in the Premier Volleyball League.

As revealed on Facebook, SGA will now take Gerflor Defenders’ slot and will now have two teams in the PVL, as Farm Fresh Foxies is their sister team.

“Strong Group Athletics (SGA) is thrilled to announce its entry into the Premier Volleyball League (PVL) as the league’s 11th team.

SGA will be taking over the Gerflor franchise and is the “sister team” of the Farm Fresh Foxies,” according to their release.

PVL President Richard Palou expressed his heartfelt gratitude to SGA owner Frank Lao for his significant contributions to the league, particularly given that Lao also assisted Gerflor’s underpaid players.

“We are truly thankful to Frank Lao and Strong Group Athletics for not only helping pay the salaries of the Gerflor Defenders last year but also for taking the bold step of starting a second team in the PVL,” Palou wrote in a statement.

“This shows their strong commitment to the development and success of volleyball in the Philippines,” he added, reflecting on SGA’s dedication to uplifting various sports groups in the country.

Lao believes that owning another PVL team is a “no-brainer” given how popular volleyball is in the country. “Putting up a second team in the Premier Volleyball League is a no-brainer for us,” he said.

“The PVL has been a consistent source of entertainment for fans of all ages, and we are excited to contribute to the league in whatever way we can,” he continued, explaining the logical reasoning for their decision.

“Having a second team will lead to more opportunities for Filipino volleyball players and coaches,” the management stated in the post, while looking ahead to the new PVL season, which is set to begin in February.

“We believe in the potential of our athletes, and by providing additional platforms for them to showcase their talents, we are contributing to the growth of volleyball in the country.”

Aside from its engagement in the pro league, the SGA also sponsors collegiate women’s volleyball at the University of the East, the University of the Philippines, the College of Saint Benilde, and Letran.

“SGA remains committed to promoting the sport at all levels and nurturing the development of future volleyball stars,” they said in their release.



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