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Love Scam sign

Public urged to be vigilant against love scams

by Carl Santos

GUARD your heart.

As people gear up for Valentine’s Day on Wednesday, the Philippine National Police offered a piece of advice to avoid falling for love scams.

“As we celebrate the month of February, dedicated to love, it is crucial to remain vigilant in the realm of cybercrime and protect ourselves and our loved ones from falling victim to love scams,” PNP chief Police General Benjamin Acorda Jr. said at a press briefing on Monday. 

How can one stay away from love scammers? Scam Watch Philippines, a citizen group, has released these warning signs:

Sad Boi, Sad Gurl

-has a sad life story
-will appeal to pity
-will borrow money

The Seducer 

-super attractive profile picture
-shares and asks private information
-initiates talks in sexual tone
-asks for nude photos (for blackmail)

The Investor

-usually attractive foreigners
-shares mega lifestyle photos
-responds like robots
-charms you to invest in forex or cryptocurrency

The Servicemen

-middle-aged foreigners 
-military personnel assigned in Asia or Middle East
-looking for life-long partner
-targets middle-aged women
-asks for monetary assistance

The Escort

-ultra-attractive profile picture
-engages in open-minded talks
-sends sexy or even nude pictures
-asks for money before meeting up

The Predator

-matured men
-targets young women
-sends money
-requests discretion
-asks for nude pictures
-insists on meeting up

The Blackmailer

-gets your trust
-professes his deep love
-asks for sexy or nude pictures
-threatens to send photos to friends
-asks you to pay

The Slow Burn 

-plays the long game
-engages in seemingly harmless conversation
-shares personal anecdotes 
-expresses genuine interest
-builds trust
-doesn’t want to meet up
-manipulates victims easily later
-asks for money

It urged the public to report online scams by calling the Inter-Agency Response Center (I-ARC) Hotline 1326. 



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