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Princes brawl over Hollywood Duchess

by Ron Poblete

THE row between Britain’s Prince Harry and the royal family continues to deepen as his soon-to-be-released memoir, Spare, reveals a physical altercation between him and his brother Prince William in 2019.

According to the Guardian, the 38-year-old Harry recounts an argument between him and William involving his wife, Meghan Markle. William called Markle “difficult”, “rude”, and “abrasive”. 

They wound up on the floor, with William grabbing him by the collar, tearing Harry’s necklace in the process and inflicting minor injuries to his back as he landed on the dog’s bowl.

He then told William to leave and recalled seeing in his face “regretful, and apologized,” as elaborated by the report.

The documentary

This story comes in the aftermath of the estranged royal couple’s tell-all docu-series on Netflix, Harry and Meghan. The couple revealed how the palace is also culpable for the intense media scrutiny and bad publicity brought upon Meghan Markle, who is half-black. 

Based on the accounts shared by the couple, there is a long-standing practice of horse trading between the UK tabloid media and the palace. Thus any deviation from the royal family’s narrative is immediately quashed.  

This is done by mobilizing the media to do its bidding in return for salacious, juicy stories about certain family members. These are, however, mostly based on hearsay and strategically placed to put certain personalities in line that may have breached specific protocols.

The documentary based all these on some crucial moments, citing Harry and Meghan at the beginning of the performance of their royal duties that resulted in the couple becoming extremely popular. Allegedly, this did not sit well with the palace and was met with a systematic put down via the media. 

This begins the gradual deterioration of Markle’s image and subsequent mental health. This inevitably led to the couple eventually walking away from their royal functions, severing ties as the documentary depicted.

Where are they now

The royal couple’s move to California has been met with scrutiny and negative press from the UK media, making them very unpopular in Britain.

Prince Harry was quoted from excerpts in an interview with CBS in the US ahead of his book release. He said he wants a “family, not an institution.”

“I would like to get my father back. I would like to get my brother back.” Harry said.

The royal palace has yet to comment on the issues.

The relationship between the royal family members has reached the point of no return. It’s anyone’s guess if this ends, a happy ending or a permanent historical fallout.

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